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Adopt a Dog

Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to ensure that all unwanted dogs which come into our care should be found loving new homes, where a lifestyle, appropriate to their breed and temperament can be reasonably assured. Please read through these details before completing the ‘Adoption Form’.

We have a list of frequently asked questions… Click Here to take a look.

  • Prospective owners must be aged 21 yrs or over.
  • Please ensure that you are immediately ready to rehome the dog. i.e. No near-term holidays  booked, commitments or other required preparations which will cause a delay when rehoming the dog.
  • We will not re-home to potential owners who are likely to leave a dog alone for long periods of time (over 5 hours) on a regular basis.
  • We welcome owners with families but will not re-home where there are children under 5 yrs old.
  • All dogs must be neutered. Should the dog be offered for adoption before being neutered (for example bitches who have only just finished a season cannot be neutered for 3 months as this may compromise their health) then the new owner MUST neuter the dog at a date advised by the rescue vet. A follow-up by the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue will ensure this happens. If the dog is not neutered within 3 months of the adoption date, Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue will take the dog back into our care.
  • We will not re-home to where a dog is kept outside the home.
  • The new owner is responsible for veterinary treatment and third party liability from the moment the dog leaves the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue foster, irrespective of whether an Adoption Contract has yet been signed.
  • We expect new owners to give the dog a reasonable amount of time to settle and adjust to a new life, however if an incompatibility arises the dog MUST be returned to Yorkshire Rose at the owner’s expense. Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any dog once it has been re-homed. All our dogs are given thorough health and temperament assessments. However once a dog has settled into a new home his or her behaviour can sometimes change. We can only advise on the temperament of any dog while it is in our care, or in rare occasions based on the information provided by previous owner.



All prospective adoptive homes will first be homechecked by one of our team, this is to check the suitability of the home and the family environment that the dog will be living in, and if required we may give advice on changes required before we will release a dog into your care. This may be more secure fencing, adding a garden gate, securing electrical cables etc. Part of the purpose of the home check is to check your suitability for any particular dog. We may decide you pass a home check, but the specific dog you have enquired about may not be right for you – please remember we always have the best intentions for both dog and owner and will make suggestions based on our combined experiences to ensure a good match is made.


All of our dogs are cared for in foster homes, and whenever possible the foster carers will be involved in the rehoming process. The foster carers will have had the dog living with them for at least 2 weeks, preferably longer, before we even begin looking for a new home, this is in order for us to fully assess the dog so we can give you as accurate a picture as possible about the dog and their personality, if we feel the match is incorrect we wont rehome.

Adoption Agreement Form

Once the right match of dog and adopter is found, we will ask that you complete our adoption agreement form, and of course make a donation to allow us to care for more dogs.

Helpful Donation

We will ask for a minimum donation of £180, we feel this amount demonstrates a level of commitment required to care for one of our dogs for life, and with rising vet bills will help ensure we are still here to help more dogs in the future. Please remember we have cared for the dog for several weeks, we have provided food, water, a loving home. We will have microchipped the dog, ensured it is vaccinated fully, wormed, de-flead, and neutered, plus any other veterinary care required. All of this is funded purely by donations we receive, our volunteers give their time for free, all money received goes directly to the care and protection of the dogs.