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Nellie reserved

Nellie came into rescue after the Police were called to a domestic incident and poor Nellie was being abused. Thankfully the Officer on call realised what a lovely natured dog Nellie was and asked for our help, when the owner relinquished ownership. This pretty girl is one of the most loving dogs you could ever meet and just wants to please. House trained, obedient and non destructive, Nellie has been left by her foster carers for short times with no problems whatsoever but she is a dog who likes to be around her humans. Nellie did live with young children. A very playful dog who can entertain herself with her toys, which can be quite entertaining to watch….and she knows it! Loves to be in the garden and never ever tries to escape and immediately responds to commands. Good on the lead and responsive but gets fearful if dogs off lead coming running up to her face. Any new owner can have sessions with our Trainer Theresa to overcome this, which we will fund. Vaccinated and due to be spayed by the rescue Vet, this gorgeous girl will make a wonderful, loyal and very faithful pet.

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