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Hello everyone, I’m Nacho, the softest compact little 2 year old bundle of love and chihuahua feistiness you could meet. I want to tell you about my sweet self because I’m looking for a new home after coming from the pound so here goes…

I can be shy at first with strangers but I soon come round and will climb on you for cuddles. You’ll find stroking my silky fur very relaxing and I won’t mind if you want to give me scritches while you’re at it. I love a good bum scratch. When I get excited I spin round in circles and emit tiny squeaks which makes my foster mammy laugh. It makes her drop her bags when she comes through the door so she can scoop me up and cover me in kisses. That’s alright I guess.

Walkies are lots of fun. I don’t like to waste a moment getting to the park so I will help you dress me in my harness when it’s time to go. All the lovely smells get my nose going so I have to investigate each one thoroughly. Catching up with my friends is very important too but don’t worry, if a dog looks at you funny I will protect you. I do the same if that pesky postman visits the house as well. All 3kg of me.

I wouldn’t mind having another dog to live with but I’d be just as happy having all of your attention. A sibling could teach me how to do things like play, because I’m still learning how to dog though my foster mammy says I’m very clever and pick things up easily. I might even like a cat if they are respectful of my prowess. I’m not sure. Your furniture will be safe from destruction and I’ll pay special attention to guarding the sofa and chairs by curling up on them for a snooze. Apparently I let out the cutest snuffly snores but I wouldn’t know anything about that. Still, I won’t make a mess in the house once I’ve marked my territory and I’ll tell you when I need to go out. So really, I’m a very good boy! I look forward to making you fall in love with me.

Nacho is neutered and currently doing a vaccination program
To apply or for more info please fill in a adoption form here-

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Nb. Please do not apply if you are unable to start the rehoming process immediately. Ie. You have a holiday booked. We cannot place dogs on hold.
Our adoption fee is £180 to help cover our costs. Uou can of course give more if you want to.
Homechecks apply

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