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Lola reserved


Lola is an unclaimed stray from the local council kennels and has probably been used for breeding. Lola has been seen by the Council Vet and the estimate of age is 4yrs of age….

Lola was extremely underweight and in poor condition when she first arrived at her foster home but over the past 2 weeks has gained weight and her skin has recovered. Lola is a dream dog in the house and is a loving well behaved dog who certainly enjoys her home comforts.

Sadly Lola has probably not been socialised with other dogs so can be reactive on walks and needs an owner who will carry on the foster’s lead training and help to socialise her but accept that this will need time and patience in getting Lola to realise that other dogs are not a threat. Will not be rehomed with other pets.

Vaccinations and neuter will be done ASAP with the rescue vet.

For more info or to apply for Lola please fill in a dog enquiry form here-

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