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Bruno reserved

Meet Bruno who is 3 years old and a quite unusual looking boy. Bruno came into rescue when his owners recently adopted a baby and Bruno reacted with fear and Barking with the noises from the baby and he just couldn’t settle.
Bruno was described by his owners as a Dachshund cross but our Vets and the rescue team think that he is a Rottweiller cross about the size of a Cocker Spaniel. With his cute curly tail he could be one of these designer crosses, perhaps a pug…yes, hard to imagine but unfortunately certain ‘clinics’ play a big part in getting two opposite sized breeds together. Bruno is timid on first meeting but once he knows you he bonds and shows lots of affection. House trained and travels well in the car, Bruno is good around other dogs and doesnt show any prey drive towards cats. Pulls a bit on the lead but nothing that cannot be sorted by an active dog savvy owner. Vaccinated and recently castrated, Bruno will make a loving and loyal companion.

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