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Beautiful Archie the Anatolian Sheperd originally came into rescue in 2017. He was adopted by a lovely family whos circumstances have now changed and he finds himself needing a home once again.
Could you offer him that special place??
We believe he is around 8 years old.

He is very playful and enjoys playing fetch and chasing/being chased, although he hasn’t yet figured out how to give the stick back.

Archie has a typical sheperd sensitive nature. He likes to ‘talk’ where he can grumble or whine a bit if he is hungry/upset/wants something so if you’re not used to large dogs this can be taken wrong;

For a successful adoption applicant we would recommend the adoptee could visit archie and walk him a few times and then have Archie visit their home to get him used to it. We believe he has some separation anxiety with people he bonds with.

He loves having his belly rubs, ear scratches and bum pats, and loves cuddly toys.

He is typically a very healthy dog and hasn’t had any medical issues for about a year. We have found that he occasionally gets ear infections which is due to his breed, and we feed him Grain Free dry biscuits as we have found that he gets itchy skin on regular dog biscuits.

Archie really is a lovely friendly boy. He knows the basic commands like sit, lay down, and paw but anything other than that would need some training, although he is very receptive to this, especially if food is involved!

He has relatively poor recall unless he has gotten used to you or you have treats, so we usually like to walk him on long lead in the park so he can run around, or take him to a quieter place to let him off the lead. He really loves playing with dogs but unfortunately due to his size other dogs can be quite scared of him, and we can’t let him play with other dogs unless the owner says it’s ok, as if the other dog is reactive then Archie can get defensive.

Archie currently lives with a cat but would need very careful introduction.
He will need to be an only dog in the home as he doesn’t like to share his toys.

For more info on Archie or to apply please fill in the dog enquiry form here–

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