May 2013


Hello everyone,

Have at look at this super picture of me!


Alfie framed

A lovely lady called Angela came to our house one day and delivered this lovely picture that she had drawn. We had to hide it behind the settee (until we could take it to be framed) so that Chris wouldn’t find it, because it was a surprise.  If you know anyone who wants one doing of their lovely pets her website is –


On a sunny Monday mummy took me to GowyPark because she said she hadn’t been there for a long time. It was lovely. We saw a swan, 2 geese, 2 ducks, 3 buzzards and lots of butterflies   It was quiet until we met some dogs as we returned to the car. A scruffy mutt ran up to me to say Hello, so I wagged my tail at him in a friendly manner and then jumped on him. I’m jolly good at that; but mummy was not amused. The dog’s lady apologised for allowing her dog to run up to me, because I was on a lead. Oops! Done it again haven’t I.


The very next morning I rolled in a cow pat and had to have half a bath, even before we’d had breakfast, because mummy said I stank. She couldn’t have done it properly though, could she, because I still smell a little bit and my hair has gone all curly.  In the afternoon I walked her to the hairdressers. Whilst I was waiting outside I shouted all the time, because I’d been left on my own. The two ladies from the shop came out to me and took me inside so that I could sit quietly by mummy! I was lucky I didn’t get another bath and a haircut. Phew!


When I get brushed, I lie down for a while and put up with it gracefully. But after a bit I get bored and stand up.  Sometimes I walk off whether it’s finished or not, but if I’m really really good I’ll get both sides done (that doesn’t happen very often). One day mummy clipped my pantaloons a bit because they were getting thick again. Next time she brushed me she said she might do them again because she hadn’t taken much off the first time. Well, as soon as she said that I got up and walked away, so I was saved that indignity for while longer. If I’ve been a good boy, whilst being brushed, I get a chicken flavoured sweet. And if I’m a really good boy I get two.  Isn’t that great!  Well, no actually, because I’m still putting on weight – not a lot, but it’s going up very gradually each time I get weighed. Oops. So in recent months I’ve gone from FOUR bonios for lunch, to one or two, and less treats. Ppfff.


Speaking of lunch, one lunchtime we saw Sadie again, waiting for her master on the steps of the pub. She must be twenty now. Last time we saw her was a few months ago, when her master said she would be twenty in April. Poor old dear, she could hardly stand. But It is lovely to see her still with us. The very next day, when we were playing in the garden, mummy said she counted eleven frogs in our pond, that’s the most we’ve ever had. Wow.


It’s been quiet on the home front lately, but one day we went looking at two cottages. They were both in the country on quiet lanes. One had a lovely wild garden too. Good start!  My humans couldn’t decide between the big garden at the first one or the lovely big kitchen at the second. What!?  No contest, surely the big garden for me would be best. Ha!  Except the first cottage was tiny and needed lots of work. The second had a Collie already living there called Speckle, because he had speckled socks like me and a speckled nose; there was also a cat. Unfortunately the garden was only small. Ppfff!  I had lots of small walks during the day and finished up on the old racecourse at Oswestry for a run and met another Collie dog. Then after my tea I went out again. Aren’t I lucky. I have to pay for it though, by looking after the car for a bit, which can be tiresome.


Did you know – that I have my very own blanket for when it’s cold? It’s blue with white paws and bonios on it. We have one each actually. Chris has one in a puce green colour and mum’s is bright pink!


You know it often rains when I take mummy for a walk, well we had a long walk to the next village one morning and it started to rain just after we had set off. It kept on raining all the time we were out. By the time we got home an hour later we were both drenched and cold. So after I’d been dried mummy wrapped me in my blanket to get warm. Wasn’t that nice!


All wrapped up


One day when mummy was doing some gardening, she decided to check over the front garden. She’d been out there quite a few minutes when she realised that the gates were open to the street. Thinking that I’d made a quick escape she went out to the street to look for me and called my name. I was nowhere in sight. She looked back to the house and there I was, as good as gold, standing in the doorway; silly mum. She carried on working in the front for a little while longer and I just sat there with her. So I was awarded two chicken sweets for being such a good boy. I wouldn’t run away anyway would I?


Guess what. I had four walks the other day, haha!  We dropped Chris off at work and then I took mummy along the canal for my first walk of the day. Later in the morning, after we’d done some errands in the car, I had my second walk along the river. Of course then I had to look after the car whilst mummy had a quick lunch at the Fairy Cake, before doing some more errands. Whilst she was watching Escape to the Country I kept asking to go out again; that’s my usual time of day for my second walk. So then we walked down to the shops and back for my third walk. Just when it was my tea time we went out in the car again to fetch Chris from work. I was nearly an hour late having my tea, so was an hour late going for my fourth walk with Chris!


And would you believe it, it was even later the next night when I got my tea. It’s not fair. I’d spent some of the day guarding the car whilst my people looked at yet more houses, and they repay me by making me eat late. Of course I had been on some really nice walks too and shared ice creams at a big Castle, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.


Actually, may be I should, because the very next night the very same thing happened again. Was this becoming a habit – well I hoped not.  Their excuse was that we had been out all day again, this time with Chris’s friend Neil.  We went to an airfield for a special event that didn’t materialise!  I’d already had to wait a long time for my breakfast – until we got to this place actually, by which time I was left to guard the car. So, in protest, I wouldn’t eat my food even though I was starving. Ages later, about fifteen minutes, they came out and gave me some sausage and bacon as a sop. Ha, I ate that but still wouldn’t eat my breakfast.  Chris and Neil disappeared for ages and ages, so I took mummy a lovely walk and then we sat down to wait.  The very nice man in the café, Kelvin, offered me a drink of water but I didn’t need it, because I’d just had one. Later on, though, he gave me a secret sausage wrapped in silver paper, which I kept for my tea.


The day dragged on a bit. I eventually ate my breakfast and then we drove for a long time to another airfield. (It would have been a lot quicker to fly there. I know a Labrador that flies.)  I went and sat with mummy for a while whilst she read her book about Bob the Cat – well, really!  When Chris & Neil had finished what they were doing we drove for ages again to two more places on the way home. I did get little walks in between, but I was not amused so fell asleep in the back of the car.



That’s all for now,

Bye everyone.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie