June 2013

Hello everyone,

I’ve been pondering for a while now on why my humans say Good Boy so often to me. You know, like when I have a drink of water; like when I lie quietly while being brushed; or like when I’m behaving myself out on a walk, especially when do my do-dos right next to the bin; or like when I shake the rain or the dust off myself before we go into the house after a walk; or like when they’ve asked me to do something and I do it; and quite often when I do it, whatever it happens to be, even before they ask! Of course then they think I’m really clever, and absolutely marvellous, the bees knees and all that (I suppose bees do have knees). Well of course I am, I’ve been around. I’ve done that, been there and even got the T-shirt. No well, that bit was just a joke!

Actually, when I’m being brushed I tend to lie on my left side mostly so my right side gets brushed more often than the left. That’s because I’ve usually had enough after one side. Sometimes mummy will say ‘turn round so I can do the other side’. I’ll get up, turn round and lie down on the left side again! I only get one sweetie if that happens. I get two if both sides are done.

My garden is looking lovely at the moment, but here I do get told off occasionally by mummy for trampling on the plants, especially when playing. Sometimes I even lie down on them for a rest in the shade – oops, that doesn’t go down too well. But it’s been so hot lately that I like to find a comfortably shady spot, after all gravel and concrete aren’t very comfy are they, and there’s not a lot of shade on the grass until later in the day. However, if it’s really really hot I lie on the living room floor, especially if all the doors and windows are open, because there’s a nice through-draught to cool me down.

I was just waiting for my humans to finish lunch one day, so that I could go out for the afternoon. Yesterday mummy mentioned going to the beach today, but the tide will be in so that’s no good. I wouldn’t be able to run about on the sand would I?  At least it’s brightened up now; this morning it was all grey cloud. Chris decided not to come with us, so I took mummy on the canal along a section I’d only been on once before and that was in the snow.  On the water we saw a few boats, ducks, moorhens, and a pair of swans with four babies.  On the way back those same swans were on the towpath. In our way. I barked at mummy and pawed at her leg to walk passed them, but she said they’d bite us. After waiting about five or more minutes and they still hadn’t moved (the babies were having an afternoon nap) we ran for it and the adults just hissed at us, so we were ok. Then blow me, in the evening after I’d eaten my dinner, I had some custard – wowee, what a day!

Some weeks ago mummy bought a door stop to prop open the living room door for me. (If you remember I was being shown how to open the door, but I pretended not to understand). One day when we came in from an outing in the car she suddenly decided to call it Florence; and here she is. Isn’t she sweet!


I think I mentioned once before that I wasn’t sleeping upstairs as much these days. It’s so much darker downstairs, So what I do is wait till my humans have gone up and then I sneak up quietly and jump on the bed. Then during the night, before it gets light. I creep downstairs again to sleep on my cushion in the dining room.  Well last night whilst I was still upstairs, I stood up to change my position, because I was too hot lying against mummy’s legs and slipped off the bed and bumped into the wardrobe door. Mummy switched on the light asking me if I was all right. To be honest I didn’t know, I think I was still half asleep really. She asked if I wanted to go downstairs, but I didn’t know that either. I just stood there staring ahead of me. I couldn’t get my brain to wake up properly. In the end I decided to get back on the bed and slept for a while longer; then I went downstairs to wait for the morning.

Did you know that I’d been poorly recently?  I had a bit of tummy trouble for a few days and I didn’t feel much like playing, or doing anything really, although I did want to go for my walks. Anyway it seems to have cleared up now and I’m back to my normal bouncy self.

Oh dear, I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve gone and rolled in something stinky but it wasn’t a cow pat this time; it smelled a lot worse.  I have to say that I could smell it myself too. It was during my evening walk, so I was marched home swiftly and given another bath. I was shut out in the garden for a while to finish drying off. Mum said I still smelled horrible so might have to have another bath in the morning and she called me a stupid plonker. Am I allowed to say that?

It was hot for a few days wasn’t it? I kept going in and out of the house every few minutes ‘cos I didn’t know what to do with myself. I even had my collar off so that my neck would be a bit cooler, as you know I have a lot of hair. I don’t wear my collar at night time either. As soon as I get back from my evening walk I take it off until morning.

Well, guess what. It decided to rain one day, so mummy said it was Chris’s turn to get a soaking – and he did. Of course so did I and both of them towelled me dry, then I snuggled under my blanket for a while to warm up. Chris curled up with me as usual and then we had a little play with squeaky. I love squeezing him in my mouth and making squeaking noises. It makes my teeth feel funny too.

I’m going to sign off now, because mummy’s looking a bit glum. She’s been looking for more houses on the computer and I presume she hasn’t found anything. I think she’s too fussy myself. As long as there’s somewhere for me to eat, sleep and play what else could she possibly want.

Alfie baby

Bye for now everyone.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie