July 2013


Hello everyone,

Corr, I’ve been in mummy’s bad books from the word go this time.  We were just going on our evening walk when we met Jess Collie and her dad. Of course the humans had to stop and talk, didn’t they? I wanted my walk so I just barked and barked. Mummy said to be quiet and not be so cheeky, but I wouldn’t. In the end Jess’s dad said he’d better let us go! That was blot number one. Blot number two came as soon as we got home. The living room door was open so I just barged in before I’d even been dried – it was raining rats & mice outside. I just would not go back into the hall, even when she tried to tempt me with a sweetie. Chris had to dry me on my cushion and mummy put away the sweetie saying I couldn’t have it because I hadn’t done as I was told. Pah! So I grumbled under my breath some more.

Oohh, I think I must have strained something and it hurts, especially when I want to stand up. At one point it frightened me so much that I screamed out long and loud. I was made to rest all day, although apart from little walks I didn’t really feel like doing anything. But even lying down was uncomfortable; I didn’t know what to do with myself or where to put myself. However there were compensations – I had sausage with my kibble for tea! I think that was to cheer me up. I lay on my side and went straight to sleep afterwards; the first decent rest I’d had all day. I didn’t even attempt to go upstairs. My humans have decided I’m not allowed to leap about after Squeaky anymore, because that might have been what caused it. By the next day though I was feeling a bit better and managed to jump up into the car without any trouble. Ha!  I couldn’t very well let them know if it hurt because they would have left me at home otherwise. Later that day I was also able to jump on the bed. As the days went by I slowly recovered and became my usual cheeky self, barking for things I wanted. Although it was a few more days before I was playing with Squeaky again.

One day I took my humans shopping, especially for some sweets as I only had a few left. Then they went for lunch. So by then I’d been guarding the car for ages. And guess what, we went for a brand new walk to somewhere I’d never been before. Even my humans said they hadn’t been to HawardenCastle before. On the map it looked as though we could go for miles, but in actual fact it was only local people who were allowed to do that. Anyway we had a lovely walk where I could go off the lead and run about sniffing interesting new smells.  And for my tea I had more sausage with my kibble. Something must be happening. Why sausages twice in about a week? Oh no – I heard Chris mention that V word and jabs! Oh ‘eck.

Well, a few days later that’s where I ended up. A quick jab in the neck, a weigh on the scales and I was in and out in a flash. My weight was good too – 36.75 kilos. Practically 3 kilos less than I weighed at Pets at Home last month, so their scales must be wrong. Whatever, I’ll believe the vet’s scales in future. So I wasn’t really overweight at all. I had no need to be reduced to two bonios for my lunch. Goodie, perhaps I can go back to having four now!

I don’t believe it!  I’ve gone and done it again. Well actually it was mummy’s fault. We were just on our way out for a walk. As mum went to put on my lead she realised I didn’t have my collar on (I’d been leaving it off at home on hot days). So we went back into the house to fetch it. When I saw it in mum’s hand I leapt about with glee, caught my foot under the base of a chair and twisted my leg, again. Agghh!  I only had a short walk because it was so uncomfortable. I hobbled about on three legs until we got home, when I just lay on my bed feeling sorry for myself all over again. By the time I went for my evening walk I was stiff, but managed to go a little way and was walking a little better by the time I got home. As the days went by it eased more and more, although it stiffened up again quickly in the very hot weather. Mummy said I needed a jolly good swim to loosen me up!

During that very hot time we had all the doors and windows open, I even had my door left open during the night!  One night when mummy went up to bed she found a Swift in the bedroom and, would you believe it, the very next day a baby Swift fell out of its nest onto the patio – poor thing. It looked more like a frog because it didn’t have any feathers!  Mummy says we are very lucky to have Swifts nesting in our roof; we get them every year. So far this year we’ve had four Swift families and loads of Sparrows, some of them nest in the roof and some in the hedge.

Did you know – I’ve been entered into an Online Dog Show to raise funds for other homeless dogs, mostly Greyhounds and Lurchers. Perhaps YRDR could do something similar to raise money?!

You’ll never guess what I’ve been doing. I had a really lovely day at the seaside. The day started as normal with my morning walk, but mummy said that I was only having a short one because we were going out somewhere nice. So we set off after my breakfast and drove for hours and hours, well about an hour and bit really. Then I had a short walk from the sand dunes to Caernarfon Airfield where we all had a cooked breakfast. I mean my humans did, I just had little bits of sausage and bacon. Mmmm!  Then Chris went into the museum whilst mummy and I went for a walk. And we ended up on the beach and in the sea and on the sand dunes. Mummy paddled and I had paddles and swims. It was great!  After a while we walked back to the car park to meet up with Chris and we all had ice creams – I had a whole cornet to myself! Mummy said it looked as though I must have done that before because I knew how to eat it. Once the ice creams had settled we went back onto the beach for more swims and chasing sticks in the sea. On the way home we stopped at another place by the sea to look for a sandy beach, but there was only sea-weedy water and stones. Pity. By the time we got home it was my teatime and I could hardly stay awake long enough to eat it. I fell asleep straight afterwards.

Alfie - My 99 LOL

I’m forever getting covered in seeds, whether I’m out for a walk or playing in the garden. In fact, especially in the garden where there are some plants mummy calls Herb Bennett. They have dozens of seeds just on one stem, so with lots of them around the garden I sometimes look green instead of black and my humans spend ages picking them all off. So one afternoon, whilst Chris was doing just that, mummy was going round the garden cutting off all the seed heads and muttering that there might not be any at all next year!

Golly it’s been hot hasn’t it? I didn’t like it at all and got quite grumpy on occasions. I couldn’t bear to be touched even. My walks were early or late and quite often short. Sometimes I had more than my normal quota of three a day. Mummy said that she’d like to take me out for a long walk in the middle of the night, but I said I needed my beauty sleep even if she didn’t. I like sleeping a lot at night you know. I often get extra walks if my humans have to go out somewhere. They take me to look after the car and then, as a reward, I go for another walk. Isn’t that great?

Do you like buzzy things? You know, bluebottles and wasps and bees and stuff like that. Well I don’t, they drive me potty and I try to catch them sometimes, and at other times I run away from them and hide, especially wasps. They are such a nuisance aren’t they?

One evening I’d just got home from my walk and was settling down nicely to go to sleep when I spied a young trespasser in my garden. I shot off like greased lightning and chased him away. It was that young black whipper-snapper kitten from next-door-but-one. I almost caught him and got some fur stuck in my throat. Boy was I puffed after that. I can do without that sort of business at bedtime.

Just to end this month’s blog I’m going to tell you about another lovely day out we had in Shropshire. First we parked the car on a country lane. Then we walked along the lane for a little while, passing Max Collie barking at me from the safety of his garden, then a yappy dog barking on a window sill. Eventually we came to a little bridge over the canal. Yet another canal!  Once we were safely away from the traffic I was let off the lead and trotted along gaily enjoying the sights and smells of the countryside. The sun was shining from a bright blue sky and all was quiet. My humans had brought their cameras and were busy taking pictures of plants and fluttery things as well as the canal itself. They both took a picture of me on my own walking along the towpath. Chris’s picture was better than mummy’s so here it is . . .

My Canal Walk

From there we went to Sleap Airfield (I’ve been there before) and saw some men with colourful parachute thingies and they were called RAF Falcons. My humans had coffee and a snack and I was taken for another little walk, but I didn’t really want it. Then we went to a big lake full of fish and birds and trees and I took my humans all the way round, followed by ice creams. We went home just in time for my tea. It was a lovely day.

Hope you all enjoy your summer holidays.

Cheerio everyone.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie