August 2013


Hello, hello. Alfie here again.

Even before August started we had a horrible weekend of weather. It poured with rain with thunder and lightning. I didn’t like it much; it’s horribly noisy and really loud and bangs in my ears. So Chris taught me to shout back at it, but mummy said that would only make me worse.

Anyway a couple of days later I had another lovely day out. Well, not a whole day out but in bits, if you know what I mean. First I had my usual morning walk and twice we stopped at a railway bridge. When we got home I was hustled into the car even before I’d been given my breakfast. We dashed round to the railway bridge again and I stayed in the car whilst the humans got out. Very soon there was this awful black smoke and a funny noise then we dashed off home again. I thought they had set fire to something and scarpered quickly, but apparently it been an old steam train passing by. Of course Chris had to take a photograph of it.


Steam Train


Then we all had a late breakfast together in the garden. Later on I had another little walk and whilst we were out mummy said we had to hurry up because we were going out in the car again. When she said that I turned round and smiled at her, which made her laugh! However, whilst we were out it started to rain and mummy’s T-shirt got wet. Ha – my turn to laugh at her! When we got back home I was hustled into the car again and we were off once more. The humans had a quick stop at the Fairy Cake and then drove on to a wildlife art exhibition at a Garden Centre. When they came back to the car they were eating ice creams! Of course I had to have a little bit. Another drive took us to a place none of us had been to before. It was a 2 mile path alongside an RSPB marshland reserve. We didn’t see any interesting birds but there were some different smells for me to investigate. There were even sheep on the marsh and I thought they would get poorly feet.  Anyway we went straight home after that, just in time for my tea.

The very next day we were on my morning walk and we came across a dead rat in the road. About halfway into my walk and we came across a dead badger in the ditch. Ah, what a shame. Mummy didn’t mind the rat being dead but upset about the badger. Later that day Chris decided it was a good idea to give me a bath – of course he had to catch me first. It was a nice sunny day so I would soon dry off. However whilst he was trying to rinse off the shampoo I went and shook myself all over the washing hanging on the line! Ha – got my own back.

Did you know – I hardly ever get left at home on my own. I really like that. The only time I’m on my own is when I’m doing my job of looking after the car, which isn’t for very long. My people don’t take me shopping for their own stuff because I’d be waiting in the car too long. But on those days one of the humans stays with me. Isn’t that nice? Except I don’t like it when one of them is missing, especially when mummy goes to visit aunty Elizabeth, because she doesn’t come home till tea time. I like to have both my humans here then I know what they’re up to and can keep my eye on them!

Do you remember me saying that my weight was fine and that I hoped to go back to having 4 bonios for my lunch? Well, I didn’t go to 4 but I do get 3. And yesterday I had a little piece of ham and a little piece of Feta cheese on them! Mmmm.  Spoilt? Quite right.

Quite some time ago I think I mentioned Max1 and Max2 Munsterlander.  Max2 has now been given the new name of Murphy. A few weeks ago his mum took him to the vets for his jabs and he collapsed whilst walking home again. Apparently he was allergic to something and had to quickly have another injection to make him better. That was a close shave wasn’t it?

Oops! I had a bit of an accident one morning on someone’s driveway and mummy had to knock on the door to ask for some soap and water to clean it up. Somehow she managed to get some of it on her clothes. Yuk!  Later on, for my afternoon walk, I decided to take her somewhere different. We went straight over the main road and on and on for ages.  She kept asking where we were going and said she wished she’d brought some money and her bus pass. In the end we reached a different part of the canal and I was going to carry on walking towards town, but mummy had other ideas. She said she had gone quite far enough, so we walked up the canal a bit until we reached the next road and turned for home. There were lots of boats, swans and ducks and things on the water and on the towpath. When we finally reached a seat she sat down quickly before I could drag her off somewhere else. It was getting quite hot by this time and I barked for a drink, so off we went again.  Phew, it was quite a long way altogether and we were both glad to arrive home.

I had a lovely day out the other day. The weather forecast had been for a bright sunny day all day, but it was dull and cool and the sun didn’t shine until after we got home. Hmm. Anyway, first we stopped in the country for what was to be a walk across some fields. But by the time we’d scrambled through weed covered gates and styles, we found the fields to be full of cattle. So back we go to the car. The next walk was another place I hadn’t been to before, along the River Dee at Farndon. I was let off the lead and allowed to run about on my own. It was great, so many new smells to sniff. Actually, when I’m in a new place, I sniff up so hard that I snort like a pig and it makes my humans laugh. We met a nice man who wanted to say hello. He stroked me nicely and said what a lovely Alfie I was. When we got back to the car there was a man walking a dog that was more than twice as big as me! He said he was a Leon Berger. He was huge and lovely but didn’t look anything like a burger. On the way home we stopped by a canal (again) and I had another run off the lead. Of course I was starving hungry we I got home but it was too early for my tea, so Chris gave me a cheesy bonio to keep me going. I ended up having five walks that day, if you include my morning and evening ones as well. It’s no wonder I want to go to sleep early. At the end of a busy day like that I crash-out in the garden.

Oh dear, my humans have been busy around the house again. I really can’t work out what is going on. Loads of stuff out of the loft went into the garage. I can hardly get in there now it’s so full. And there’s interesting smells in there but I can’t seem to find what they are. Then more strange people come, wander all round the house then disappear again.

One day we went out in the car to do some errands, so of course I had to look after the car for a bit. I got a walk, but I never got my lunch. Although, to be fair, I haven’t been wanting to eat it lately. I had a sweetie cigar thing when we got home, but that was all. I didn’t even get anything for having a brush – on both sides, too. So about an hour before I normally have my tea I started huffing and fidgeting and grumbling. And in the end Chris went and cooked me some sausages to have with my kibble. THEN, when my humans were having there own tea, I had some little bits of real tuna – wowee! That was ace.

Did I ever tell you about the big Horse Chestnut tree that fell down? It was huge, and fell right across the road and squashed a field gate. There were big pieces of tree in the road for days afterwards. Even now tree remains can still be seen along the verges, but the broken gate has been replaced with some field-fencing.

The other day mummy found this lovely caterpillar in the garden . . .

Vapourer Moth caterpillar

 . . . apparently it’s just a brown moth caterpillar called a Vapourer.

  Did mummy tell you about her tooth? She had to have a new one last week and two days later it broke. So she has to go to the dentist again this week for another one. Chris will be away with the car, so she’s not sure how she will get there. The bus will be too late for her to get there in time and the bus coming back home will have already left. We only have a bus once an hour. She said she might walk there with me, but I would sit outside and bark all the time like I do when she goes for her prescriptions.

You’ll never guess what – I won Third Place in the online dog show competition for “The Dog the Judge would most like to take Home”!!  Aren’t I the clever one? I will be getting a rosette from G.A.P. soon. Yippee.

Chris was playing about the other day and hid himself under my blanket on my bed. When I got close up to him he through off the blanket and shouted “BOO” and I jumped back and two feet in the air. It was hilarious and we all had a good laugh about it.

Sometimes, lately, I’ve been taking my humans on long walks designed by myself. It’s usually around the houses locally, but I take a different route each time to an area I haven’t been to before. Mummy says it’s not worth getting to know the streets around here because we are moving – she hopes.

Cheerio everyone.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie