Hello everyone,

Guess where I’ve been lately. No, not Anglesey this time!  I’ve been to the woods with mummy one lovely afternoon, but it was very muddy and one place was flooded so we had to turn back and go round a different way. We saw quite a few dogs there. One was a really huge Husky; he was even bigger than me. Then I looked after the car while mummy went to buy some plants to put in pots. Another day Chris took me to Gowy Park. I hadn’t been there for ages. That was muddy too.  We were the only ones there. I’ve also been to the pet shop to buy lots of food for myself, to spend my coupons. I think you get some points or something every time I do that, so that’s good.

We’ve had yet more snow. It didn’t stay for very long and there was not much of it, so there was no romping and rolling in deep bits with Mr Squeaky this time.  But then about a week later we had lots more snow and it stayed for ages and ages. Even mummy played in the garden with Mr Squeaky and me of course.  I like playing with him, especially when Chris and mummy play as well.  I’m quite clever when we play with Mr Squeaky, if I catch him I trot around with him just out of reach of my humans. Sometimes I’ll duck and dive under the table and through the chair legs, just to keep out of their way. I can also be quite rough, and scratch hands and legs by accident because I’m so excited. And of course I bark like mad. It’s all good fun. One morning mummy filed my dew-claws because they were so jagged and causing a lot of those scratches.

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Did you know that mummy prints off my blog and pictures and puts it in a lovely colourful folder? She says it’s so that she can keep it to read later. She reads quite a lot. I’d rather she spent all her time playing with me!

One very cold day I had a lovely tea; because we’d run out of my chicken I had to have some spinach & ricotta pasta mixed up with my kibble (sometimes I have baked beans & cheese!). I had a big pile and still wanted more – but didn’t get it, phooey. In fact, one week I seemed to get my tea earlier and earlier each day. That was really peculiar because normally when I want to eat I’m told I have to wait a bit longer.

There’s not much been happening around here lately, at least for me. Quite a few times I’ve been left to look after the house for a bit. One morning, after we’d taken Chris to that place, mummy asked me to look after the house whilst she went to auntie Val’s for a bit.  A few minutes later she came back muttering something about the car not starting. We had to wait for a man to come and fix it. By the time he’d gone it was lunchtime; and then I had to take mummy for a walk. So I didn’t get left on my own until much later.

Another day, when mummy thought it was really really cold, I shared her lunchtime soup, although I prefer the mixed one that Chris has. Mummy has tomato, which is ok. I dunk my bonios in it. Yummy.  And then I had sausages with my kibble for tea. Wowee.

Actually since I wrote that ‘not much has been happening’, thing’s have livened up a bit.  Chris has had a few days off work and the first afternoon we all went to the forest. It was lovely in the sun and the cold wind had settled down a bit. We walked for ages and I was off the lead all the time. It was great.  Then we went to a café for a drink and we sat outside. Chris asked me if I wanted a drink and I barked Yes, which made the other people around us laugh. I often answer questions with a bark. I often bark for what I want too such as soup, fish, chicken, a play, a walk, ride in the car and of course the windows open! Quite often I’m called a cheeky monkey because I can be bossy. I look at it differently – I just know what I want.

One day we went to look at a bungalow in the country. It was in a nice place but I don’t think we’ll be moving there, because there was far too much for my two old humans to do. The next day we went to look at a cottage which was nice, but the location was a bit scruffy, so I don’t think we’ll be going there either. Oh dear, that’s a pity, it was right by the sand dunes. Whilst we were there I had two lovely walks on the dunes and on the beach. I loved that. For my lunch I had some sausage & bacon. Later we went home for me to have my tea, which was fish and kibble.  And then . . . and then . . . Chris said Come on, we’re going out, are you coming?  What, again!  You’ll never guess where I went. I thought I was going to have to sit in the car again. But no – I went into a pub!!  Wow. There was already a dog in there with its master who was drinking stuff out of a glass. I had some of the same from Chris. It tasted quite good actually. I also had some of his Hereford beef – now that was good. And to finish off mummy gave me a little bit of ice cream. Cor, what a busy day!  I really do like it here. I get so spoilt, it’s lovely. Chris and mummy say I’m worth it.

By complete contrast the next day was dreary and wet and cold. We were all tired after galumphing around the country, so I only had quick walks. We lazed about all day and mummy went on the computer again to search for more houses to look at.

One lunchtime on a breezy sunny day Chris suggested we have soup and biscuits (bonios), to which I said YES!  Mummy said she’d do it, but then only gave me cheese & biscuits which I refused to eat. A little while later Chris asked me if I really wanted soup and of course I said YES again. So he went and made some for me and him. That set mummy laughing and shaking her head. I think she was laughing at me. Anyway, as she’d already smeared a bit of cheese on my biscuits, I ended up with cheese, biscuits and soup. How good is that!

Later the same day, after I’d taken Chris for an afternoon walk at GowyPark, we shared some ice cream. When 5 o’clock came round I started asking for my tea, and was told I was too early. While I was waiting for my sausage to be cooked I heard the ice-cream-man’s music playing in the street nearby. How did I know it was him? Mummy laughs every time because I prick up my ears to listen. I know she’d like to give me some pocket money to go and join the queue. Ha!

I have three regular routes for my walks, all taking about an hour.  One walk we call ‘round the block’ takes us passed a few houses, fields with horses or a few sheep, a farm, a stables, more fields, more sheep and a little black pony called Bruce.  One time we just missed seeing a lamb being born. It was lying on the grass all slimy.  Another walk is ‘up to the Rugby Club’ and goes passed a few houses, fields which I can run in when its winter time (they’ve been planted now so that’s the end of that for a bit), over a big bridge which crosses a motorway (not keen on that, so I drag mummy across it), then we pass the Rugby Club. Quite often we turn back here and go home again, but sometimes we go home across a pasture and along a little track. I like that best because I can run off the lead.  Of course the third walk is on the cycle path.  Chris takes me along there but mummy doesn’t like going any more because she falls out with people. I think it’s something to do with the way I behave.

I went with mummy to auntie Elizabeth’s again one day. I refused to go in the moving box so we had to use the stairs, and I didn’t like those much either. It was dark and there were a lot of them.  Anyway I cheered up on the way home because we went for a lovely long walk on a different old railway line, where cyclists aren’t allowed. Hooray!  At first it was quiet, then later on we met a few dogs – including a pair of Spinones which were bigger than me!

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That’s all for now, Bye  everyone.
Lots of love & wags from Alfie