September 2015

Hi there,

I decided not to give you an August page, mainly because I didn’t get around to writing it. If you read July’s page you will know that the computer died, and it’s only recently that we were all up and running properly again.

So, what’s my news so far? Well, I’m not supposed to tell anybody just yet but we have sold the house, paws crossed. The trouble is that we haven’t found what we want yet and Chris is getting a bit twitchy. At least four five were sold before we even had a chance to see them! Mummy was really disappointed to have missed a bungalow with an acre of garden for me to run about in. Wow, what a pity. Another one we went to look at also had a big garden for me. We could hear a Red Kite calling and the lady at the house said that they had nested in a tree in the garden for the first time ever since they had moved there eighteen years ago. Gosh.

Whilst I think on, mummy says I have to tell you that there is a dog just like me at Dog’s Trust in Shoreham. His name is Maximillian, Maxi for short, and he is a cross between a Border Collie and a Newfoundland – you see, just like me!  He’s a bit younger than me though. And he looks it, ears all a fluff. I’m beginning to look older now; there are a few more white hairs on my face and my joints are giving me a bit of trouble these days. I am still enjoying myself that’s the main thing. I can still manage a walk to the farm café too!

One day we went to Sleap Airfield and I met a little Airedale called Doodle. When we arrived he was sitting in a campervan, but then he came with his master to the picnic area round the front. He was eight years old and wasn’t the full size because he had been the last of the litter. Later in the day I went with my humans for a walk along the nearby canal and met an unusual dog living on a boat. I didn’t catch his name but he was a cross between an Alsatian and a Wolf!!!

Did you know, we have an eagle living in our road? Well not in the road exactly but in a shelter in someone’s garden. And I’ve seen him! What’s more, he’s seen me. His master said that he would have no trouble catching and eating me, if he was allowed to. Golly that sounds a bit rough. He even has a name. His nick-name is GB but his real name is GBH – I’m sure you can guess why! Occasionally when we go past the garden mummy peers through a hole in the fence to see if she can see him in his shelter. Sometimes he’s not there because he’s gone out flying.

I took mummy for a walk round the houses one lunchtime – she hates that – and after a little while I just came to a stop and stared about as if I wasn’t sure where I was. She asked where we were going but I just stood there. Then she said ‘show me’ and still I stood there as if in a trance. She was a bit worried in case I was going a bit ‘funny’, you know. Eventually she decided to turn round, so I decided to cross the road! I tried to go into places that didn’t lead anywhere, and had to be encouraged to come away. I even went to go into someone’s house because the door was open. Oh dear, having a senior moment perhaps.

A few days later we had a lovely time by a huge lake at a place called Ellesmere. There were lots of ducks and geese waddling about. We had a picnic lunch by the lake and then a lovely run along the woodland edge. We just got home in time for my tea!

Talking of which . . . it’s nearly teatime now, so I must be off.

Love Alfie xxx.