September 2014

Hi there,

Well you’ll never guess the first thing to tell you about – we went to look at yet another house. It looked out over fields and had a good sized garden for me to play in. Mummy said that there were two cats living in the house, but it wasn’t even big enough to swing one of them around in! Do you think that’s another ‘no’ then? Anyway, before they went to the house mummy took me for a walk along the lane to make myself comfy. There were some fab smells of all sorts of things and I ran about this way and that way trying to cram in as much as I could.

The next morning I saw two of my cousins that I hadn’t seen before, although I knew they were there somewhere. They were at their farm gate barking at me as I passed by. The big brown one was called Breeze Newfie and she was just lolling against the gate, as they do. The slightly smaller black one was called Bomber Newfie. What a funny name.

For a few odd days lately I’ve had to supervise my humans because they’ve been painting again. The colour they used last week was horrible so they had to find a better one. Aunty Diane suggested Wilkos and, surprise surprise, that’s where they found it!  So they’ve had to paint everything again. Oh dear. Anyway, by lunchtime they’d had enough, so as a treat for me, because I’d been ever so good (even when Jess Poodle stopped by our open gate for such a long time and I took no notice at all) we went to Gowy Park for a lovely run around off the lead – well, I did. The next afternoon we went to Farndon by the river and I had a good run round off the lead again. But the next afternoon was even better. We went to some hills and I was off the lead yet again. Wow. Then we had a walk along a path which ran between a river and a canal. In fact some of the water ran over a horseshoe shaped waterfall from the river and then gurgled into the canal to keep it topped up. How clever. On the way home we drove for miles across some moorland where the sheep were hidden in the purple heather, so I didn’t get a walk there. Ppfff!

Did you know – tonight I went out with mummy and we saw a load of ducks in the middle of a field that’s just been cut for hay (the night before there were three herons in there). And when we got home Chris had shut my door sneakily and wouldn’t open it again for me. He said I had to stay in now. Most nights I like to stay out in the garden until he calls me in, but there was no chance of that tonight. Humph.

One day I met a rescued dog called Seymour Greyhound and Chris gave him two of my lunchtime biscuits! And another day, when we’d been out and about in Wales, I met a Briard girl with her toenails painted pink to match her human’s fingernails!!  Actually, mummy was surprised at how big she was – bigger than me – and said it was no wonder that our neighbour Mr Johnson had chosen Bronte Cockapoo instead of a Briard because he thought they were too big. Then today we met a beautiful Gordon Setter after we’d been on Thurstaston beach, and he was bigger than me as well. He stood on his hind legs, leaned across the bench next to his mummy and rested his head on the table – he looked somewhat fed-up!

One morning mummy was busy gardening, whilst I was busy minding my own business and having a good scratch, when all of a sudden, without a second’s thought, she whisked me off in the car to the vets! Ugh? Eh, what’s going on? She said she’d been tending to my itchy bits for long enough and it was time to get them properly sorted. The vet man had a good look at my skin, and of course didn’t see the real itchy bits, because I refused to scratch to order. He said there were no fleas (well of course not, we knew that) but I might have an allergy to something, which was too expensive to explore. Nevertheless he gave me a stab in the neck for my troubles and gave mum a nice big bill. Serves you right, you might just as well carry on with the ointment. Anyway it worked; in a couple of days I’d stopped itching and scratching. Mummy said – did you know that a man on the tele called his two dogs Itchy & Scratchy?

As you know, Chris takes Granddad shopping on a Tuesday morning. Well, he came back one day and said “Right, let’s go”, so off we went. After buying me my big bag of food we drove to Farndon, for another walk by the river. However, as soon as Chris parked the car, a lady came over with a very wet and slim-line Retriever. She asked if he was ours or if we knew him, because he was wandering around in the road looking a bit lost. We said we would look after him and take him with us on our walk and if no-one knew who owned him, we’d go to the village post office. Well, we’d no sooner clipped him on to my long lead when a lady drove up asking if he was ours! She said that she and her friend had been walking their dogs by the river and he had just run off and disappeared.  Wasn’t that lucky? His name was Albert Retriever.

I was just about to sign-off when I heard the sound of mummy’s purse being fastened. What has that to do with anything, I can hear you ask? Well, it often signifies us going out. So, I ran in from the garden (yes, I could hear it from there. There’s nothing wrong with my hearing) and charged around the room with glee. Where are you going, mummy asks, and can I come with you? We were going to DelamereForest. Wowee. However I reckon we spent nearly as much time driving there and back as we did walking or, in my case, trotting about. So for the rest of the afternoon I had a bit of a cob on.

However the next day we went to the river. Do you remember me telling you about the three Lurchers that lived in the riverside cottage? Well, they weren’t there – in there place was a lovely young Alaskan Malamute with white eyes. I didn’t find out his name because his human was indoors. When we got home my humans started tidying up the house again. Oh dear, more foreigners. However it meant that I got my tea nice and early!

I thought I might just leave you with this item that I thought a bit strange. Coming home from a morning walk one day we met Tilly Terrier near my house and she was lifting her hind leg. I thought only us boys did that!

Bye for now.

Alfie xxx.