Hi there everyone.

Did you know, even before September had started something very strange had been going on. One day Chris took a big box out of the garage, took everything out of it and piled them on a garden bench; then put everything back in the box and put it back in the garage. Uh? The next day he got the same box out of the garage and put it in the hall with a load of other stuff. Ah!?  No – I thought that. The next morning I had a nice walk with mummy, I noticed that the wheat fields were down to stubble (ha – somewhere to run about in later), but when we got home there was no-one there. Chris had gone, along with all the stuff he’d put in the hall. Boy was I miserable. I just went to my bed and whined a little bit; wouldn’t eat my breakfast. Mummy thought at first that I was missing Chris, but then she wondered if I’d been hoping to go on holiday. I know she’d like to. Anyway, she explained that Chris had gone away and would be back in a few days. I think I understood that last bit, but how long is a few days? It could be weeks couldn’t it? I don’t know. However, he had left the car! Oh goodie.

Anyway, to my surprise, later that morning we didn’t go in the car but went on a bus into town and into a bank sort of place. We weren’t in there very long (although long enough for me to be admired!) and then we walked along the canal down to The Fairy Cake café. We sat outside, I had water and mummy had coffee and pancakes with chocolate sauce. I don’t know what they tasted like, because I didn’t get any. Later on we walked back into town and caught another bus home. By then it was time for my lunch, so I was given my breakfast. Well of course I was so hungry after all the excitement that I ate it all up. However I didn’t get a walk that afternoon, just a brush and comb which wasn’t nearly as much fun.

  Sept - Come on keep up

 The next day I had to mind the car whilst mummy went to get her new tooth. But before that we had a long walk round the village and across some fields I hadn’t seen before. Even mummy wasn’t sure which way to go because some of the signs were missing.

On the third day I upset mum by being nasty to Kelsey Collie. His mummy rides a bicycle and he’s attached to it by some fancy stuff. I think I’ve mentioned it before. After breakfast auntie Val came for coffee and then I had another little walk before lunch. We had a play with squeaky in the garden and I had another brush and comb. It’s quite busy here isn’t it, something always going on. Later in the afternoon mummy decided we would go out in the car – yippee – but she left me to look after it whilst she went looking at plants. However she managed to restrain herself from buying any more and we drove on to the woods. I had a lovely time there, sniffing all the new smells and looking for squirrels, but I was grumpy with most of the dogs I met. Humph. And guess what, by the time we reached home it was time for my tea! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having some fun?

Sept - Time for a Roll

 Chris was home the next day just as mummy was getting my tea ready. So later on Chris took me for my evening walk.  It’s getting dark these days by the time we get home and I’m ready for bed. I sleep better when it’s dark. Mummy says how lucky I am to have all this sleep. She says I’m a morning person really because I’m so lively when I wake up. She would like to eat some breakfast before we go for a walk, but I’m wanting to be off and running. She keeps saying that if she could eat first we could go further, but I just can’t wait. I’m so excited to be out and about I won’t let her eat anything before we go.

Mummy’s still spending a lot of time on the computer looking for somewhere nice in the country for us to live. If she doesn’t hurry up and find something we’ll all be too old to enjoy it.

I’ve been to the woods twice this week already – in different places though. It’s much better than walking round the lanes because I can run off the lead if there are no other dogs about for me to argue with. We even followed a path across a field of corn one day. It was miles above my head; even Chris and mummy couldn’t see over the top of it.

One evening we met Kelsey Collie with his mummy and daddy. Daddy is poorly and so has to be pushed around in a wheelchair. The three of them had been out all day walking for charity, with little picnic & rest breaks. Kelsey was wearing a big red rosette attached to his collar.

Mummy has just reminded me to tell you about Percy Parrot. He is an African Grey Parrot and lives at the same house as Bruce Pony. Well, Bruce lives in a stable, but you know what I mean.  Percy’s cage sits in the front window so that he can watch what’s going on outside. Every time we go passed their house we can hear him barking! Isn’t that clever?

You will never guess in a million years what Chris and I saw one Sunday afternoon . . . .  coming towards us on bicycles were two policemen in yellow jackets, helmets, the works. Between them was a police dog Alsatian also wearing a yellow jacket and helmet. On the front of his helmet he had a small camera and two blue flashing lights!  We just had to call him a panda dog.

Oh dear. I’ve hurt myself again playing too roughly with Squeaky. So I’m only allowed short walks and no playing at all. Just at the moment I’m all wrapped up in my blanket, resting and trying to keep warm. Occasionally Chris gives my sore bits a massage, which is nice. But I’m really fed up. Mummy says that I’m really really not allowed to play like that again. Meanie. I like playing. Chris says I’m an overgrown puppy and can’t possibly be nearly eleven years old.

I went along the canal with Chris one afternoon. In fact I knew where we were going before we even got there and I started barking with glee. After a while Puppy Retriever ran up to me to play. She was lovely and we walked along together for a while. Mummy thinks I’m a funny sausage because sometimes I can be really nice to other dogs, but sometimes I can be horribly rude.

Anyway I’ll finish my blog by telling you about my latest walk. First we went to aunty Val’s to take her birthday cards, so that she would have them in time for a big birthday on Monday. Then mummy and I thought we were going to have a walk up near the zoo, but Chris drove the other way and parked down a lane I hadn’t been to before. I was allowed to run off the lead and we went round corn fields and through trees and bushes and fields. The sun was shining and there was nobody else around. It . .  was . .  great. We eventually found ourselves by the canal – another part I hadn’t seen before. When we reached the next bridge we turned off and went back across the fields to the car. Back at home I shared some of mum’s ice-cream – a lovely end to a lovely day.

Bye for now,

Lots of love

Alfie xxx