October 2016

Well, from here on I’m not going to add my blog to the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue website. I’ve dropped a couple of hints before now and no-one has responded, so I don’t think that anyone reads it any more. So from now on these are just memories for me and my humans to enjoy.

Quite a few times recently we have been to Dearnford Lake and I have managed to walk all the way round!! Wow; I haven’t been able to do that for ages. Sometimes, when I’m out locally with mummy, I want to go up the track by the old farm. In fact one time I walked a long way up Whixall Lane. We had to have a sit down before we could walk all the way back again.

It’s getting chilly in the mornings and evenings now. Sometimes it’s quite misty to start with, and of course the evenings are getting dark early too. Each time I go out in the morning and evening we see hoards of geese flying about and squealing.

On the 25th of this month I celebrated 5 years living with my lovely humans, by going for a lovely walk in the woods at Grinshill. We had only been there once before. And, of course, we had to stop at the Rose Garden Centre for lunch, on the way home!