October 2015

Hi everyone,

Well, you’ll never guess were I’ve just been. Hmm? Where? No – Anglesey of course!

My humans went to look at a couple of properties there today. At the first one I was allowed to check out the garden myself and . . . the . . . three . . . acre . . . FIELD!!!  Wow – all for me?!  Of course I don’t know if that is where we are moving to yet. The other property only had a big garden and no field. But, although it was a bigger house, neither Chris nor mummy liked it because the view was full of those wind things that go round and horrible pylons, which mummy hates.

I had a picnic tea before we set off for home, so I didn’t have to wait for it this time. No, I’m not always thinking about eating, only when it gets near to mealtimes I get hungry and shout for my food. This time I had some extra (fish) when we got home.

A week later we went looking at more properties, with a break for brunch i.e. bacon and sausage – yummy.  I had quite a few walks, but the most interesting was when we followed a footpath sign which took us into the garden of a house. The lady was just going out in her car and told mummy off, saying that the footpath actually went up next-doors’ drive but didn’t really exist anymore. She was very cross. So we walked back along the road and down a lane. At the corner of the lane we went through a gate which said private fishing, and walked all the way round a huge lake. It was great!

Corr, you’ll never guess what I’ve done now. Chris gave me freshly cooked chicken for my breakfast after we’d had our morning walk. Mummy was at aunty Elizabeth’s to take her to the dentist, but I thought she was going to meet us at the café for lunch. So, of course, off I trot in that direction. Once there I had to have my lunch didn’t I? I had bacon and cheese with my biscuits. By the time mummy got home I’d also had my tea . . . of steak pie! Wowee, am I lucky or what!

I haven’t seen Seymour & Tiggy Greyhound in the café for months; then one day Chris & I met their mum Jacqui but she didn’t have the boys with her. She said that they had been banned . . . !

Of course it’s that time of year when, for some silly reason, the time changes and I get all confused. I seem to have to wait forever for my walks and meals, and everything really. In previous years my humans have worked up to it by changing the times slowly, but not this time. I expect they are too busy with other stuff. Anyway I’m getting used to it now, sort of.

Did you know that I have been living here for FOUR years now? Chris and mummy sang a song for me about birthdays or something. We went out to look at another house and I had some lovely walks in new places. It was great. Actually we have done a lot of that lately . . .

More next time, so I must be off.

Love Alfie xxx.