October 2014

Hello, hello,

You will never guess what has happened! No – not that. We’ve been on holiday!

We turned up at this little house on a farm. It had just one living room and one bedroom and a bit of a garden. I thought – this isn’t very good for my new home. The little garden wasn’t big enough for me really, but ok for a week. However there was a door just like mine at home. The best part was that we were right on the coast. Two minutes walk down a little glade and we were on our very own beach. Wow. On the journey there we had stopped for a walk through some lovely trees, where I saw an old dog being pushed about in a pram.

The day we arrived I saw a number of other dogs all having their holidays on the farm – one Terrier, two yappy little dogs, two more Terriers, two Collies and my neighbour Monty Staffie. He didn’t like other dogs much and barked at me all the time as he jumped up and down to peer at me over the fence. At bedtime I was left in the main room with my cushion to sleep on, but I wanted to be with my humans. Mummy put her pink blanket on their bed for me to lie on – just like old times. I wasn’t really allowed to sleep on the bed, but hey who would know?

The next day we had a walk on the dunes by the airfield, where I had been a few times before. Mummy was hoping that we would see the two Deerhounds again – but no luck. Later, after some bacon and sausage, we went for a walk along a cycle path like the one at home, except that it wasn’t very busy at all.

During the night it absolutely poured down with rain, so much so that the roof leaked near my bed. Whilst we were out playing on a lovely sandy beach somewhere, the man came and fixed it. The same man told us about a friend who had a working Collie that lived to 25 years old!!! Wow. That day I was so keen to get out of the car and, without waiting, I actually fell out and hurt myself for a bit, squealing like a banshee mummy said. A what? Anyway with that sort of nonsense I wouldn’t reach 25.

That night it rained a lot again, but the roof was ok that time. In the morning I had to wait a while for the rain to stop before I could have my walk, after which I didn’t want my breakfast. As it was really cold and windy my humans decided to stay in for a while, but it eventually brightened up and I had another lovely run on a beach and the sand dunes. Of course I was dying for an early tea after all that.

The nights were really wet, but usually the days brightened up so we could go for some nice walks. But then after a few days the weather got worse. Mummy got wet taking me a walk by the beach – it was too horrible even for me to want to run on the sand. That night I’d just got indoors when it poured with more rain and then we had that thunder and lightning stuff that I don’t much like. It went on all night. I ran to the door to look out to see if I could see what was making such a horrible noise. Next day everyone was talking about how amazing it had been. Ugh.

Then we went to the beach again. To get there we had to walk across a windy golf course, but down on the beach it was nice and sheltered. There were two men there delivering beer to a little pub on the beach. There was also a bouncy boxer girl and a puppy and they both had their tails! Mummy helped me to send a sort of postcard by computer to Annie Spaniel, telling her what a lovely time I was having.

Soon it was all over and we were on our way home again, no walk on the beach that day, but I did have a lovely walk in some woods I hadn’t been to before. There were some really interesting smells; I couldn’t keep my nose out. It wasn’t really till the next morning that I realised we were no longer on holiday. Clothes were hung out, those computer thingies were busy and I had the sulks, even though I had all my walks plus a ride in the car.  After tea mummy said I was the luckiest boy in the world. Why? – Because I was spoiled rotten by Chris. Not only had I had a snippet of sausage and bacon at lunchtime (yet again), I had also been given beans and cheese with my tea, as well as my usual chicken! Mmm, I can see what she means. Can you?

We were soon playing with Squeaky again. He’d gone with us on holiday but I was too busy enjoying myself to play with him. I went wild with delight and bit mummy on her bottom!

I have some disappointing news for you. While we were away Andrew decided he would close The Cake Fairy, so I don’t suppose I’ll get as many walks along that part of the river again. Also, I don’t suppose I’ll go with mummy on the bus that way any more either. However we’ve still got the farm café to go to down the cycle track, so that’s ok. Except they don’t have sausages.

Did I tell you about the sheep & their lambs? Well, one lamb in particular really. It’s the male one. He’s never been as healthy as the two girls. Bruce Pony’s mum has decided to buy him so that he doesn’t go for meat and she’s called him Tony.

Corr, it’s been jolly windy lately, even when we were on holiday. I nearly got blown off the patio the other day. Actually I quite like it. It livens me up a bit. Talking of which, I’ve been feeling my age recently. I get stiff and hobble a bit until it’s eased off. Chris and mummy say that they’ll have to give me a massage every day, like they did for uncle Jake.

By the way, I saw Seymour Greyhound again the other day and he had a friend with him called Jack Greyhound. He was black, whereas Seymour is a sort of honey colour. He also has a much bigger bottom than Jack. The very next day we went to the beach, except the beach wasn’t there. It was just seawater & waves. So I had a walk in the trees instead. Later we went to another place I hadn’t been to before and met an Alsatian. His mummy gave me a piece of liver & bacon she had in her pocket. I wasn’t sure what it was, but eventually Chris persuaded me to eat it. Mmm. Then when I’d jumped out of the car the Alsatian jumped into my space!

One morning, we had hardly started our walk when we came across an old dog wandering around on his own quite near to the busy main road. He wasn’t wearing a collar and we didn’t recognise him.  We asked a lady, who was just passing, if she knew him but she didn’t. Just then we heard a voice calling nearby. Mummy opened a big gate and another lady appeared saying he was her dog. The dog was Major Labrador and he was seventeen years old! Not too old to escape from his garden obviously. I don’t think he was fit enough to jump the high hedges though. Later on I met Seymour and Jack Greyhound again. Their humans said that they had both been racing dogs. Jack was only 4 and had been rescued a year ago, whereas Seymour was 8 and had been retired for four years.

A few days later it was my twelfth ‘birthday’.  We didn’t do anything special at all this time, except that I took my humans to the farm café for lunch. However I did get a lovely present of a coat to wear in the bad weather.

My New Coat

Wow, how’s that for smarty pants!

Bye for now.

Alfie xxx.