28th October 2011

 Hi There,

Just to say a big Thank You to you all for letting us adopt Alfie.

He is such a good boy and behaves very well in the house. He goes to bed without any fuss, and stays quiet until we disturb HIM, when he will ask to go outside.

At first, when he was in the garden, he would eye-up the fences (you could almost see him doing calculations as to whether he could jump them or not)!

He can be a little wild sometimes on the lead – especially when he sees a squirrel before I do – I almost had a Thelwell moment yesterday!

Just at the moment he’s lying down quietly and waiting for his dinner. We’ve not had any bother getting him to eat, so he doesn’t seem to be fretting at all and seems quite happy to be here.

Will send you some decent photos when we have some.

Best wishes,