November 2016

We still seem to be having strange men coming to do jobs around the house. I thought that had all stopped, but there’s still more to do apparently.

The first two came to put in a log-burner with a big chimney on the top because we don’t have a proper fireplace here. They smelled of Maggie Spaniel and her friend Harry Labrador from up the road.

Next a man came to see to the boiler. He had to come again a couple of weeks later to do something else. It’s a right pain.

In the meantime I was having lovely walks at my usual favourite venues. I met Wilfred Beardie at Ellesmere one day. He is still waiting for a new puppy brother. Another day we met Charlie Beagle puppy at Colemere. He’s only just 13 weeks old, so very new to all these exciting places. The back of his house faces across the field towards our house, so we told his human about the sheep chasing the fox last spring!