November 2015


Hello, Hello,

Wasn’t it noisy the other night!  In fact it went on for more than one night around here. I don’t mind it though, I still go out for my evening walk, even with all those things whizzing about. And I even sat out in the garden and wasn’t bothered.

Did I tell you?  One lunchtime I took mummy in the fields across from our house and a Black Labrador came charging up to me and barking, with her hackles up. She lives in a house that backs onto the fields, so thinks she owns them I suppose. Anyway, it turns out that her name is Purdey – mummy’s Black Lab was called Purdey too and she had to go and live with Granddad because she wrecked the place.

One day it was bitterly cold here and we had some of that white stuff that’s scrunchy under my feet. Well, you’ll never guess what I had when we got home for lunch – I had a little bowl of chicken soup with some of my biscuits in it!  Wow, that really warmed up my tummy. I’ve had my biscuits dunked in soup before but never had a bowl to myself. Mmm.

Not much to report lately. Same old usual things – walks, food, the occasional brush, play, drives in the car, more walks. It’s a dog’s life really!

Time for my lunchtime ramble in the fields, so Cheerio.

Love Alfie xxx.