November 2013

Hello there,

Gosh I’ve had some fun lately. In fact it’s worn me out. My old Mr Squeaky has lost his yellow furry coat, so I’m now playing with a new one and the old one. It drives me wild with excitement and I run around like a mad thing, shouting my head off. My humans squeak one each and I have to run between them and try to run off with one of them. Definitely an overgrown puppy, I’m told. Also I have to ask for it nicely by not grabbing but offering my paw – I’m a lefty you know. Then I squeak it myself. It’s a wonder the neighbours haven’t complained about the dreadful noise I make. Perhaps that’s why my humans want to move!

D’you know, I really don’t know what’s going on with my tea time. I still start asking for my tea at around four o’clock sometimes and get told it’s far too early – but I’m hungry. It doesn’t seem fair. Mummy says it’s two years now since I probably had my tea that early and I should be used to it being a bit later by now. But I’m hungry, so why can’t I have it now? Anyway since then I’ve been having it earlier, so that’s good.

I was just about to settle down to catch up with my blog this afternoon when mummy curled up next to me on my bed and Chris covered us with blankets. It was a horrible grey day. I’d been out twice with Chris, once round the cycle track and then later in the car to the canal at Christleton. We’d had breakfast and lunch and a couple of plays with the two Squeakies. Anyway mummy and I had a lovely snuggle together for half an hour and then we had another play. By this time I was ready for my tea, but it was only half past four, so still too early.  Around a quarter past five Chris decided to go and get mine ready. I was having chicken, meat and gravy with my kibble. Yummy.

Anyway I was going to tell you about an outing we had earlier in the week. We went into Wales to look at the area around two properties mummy was interested in. It was really hilly and after we’d looked around we carried on up the road, which just went on going up and up and up until we came out on top of the world. We could see for miles, the hills just rolling away into the distance. It was very cold and windy but I didn’t mind. We had a nice walk and saw literally hundreds of sheep everywhere.

Old Mr Squeaky has lost his squeak now as well as his fur. I was drooling so much that his squeak filled up with dribble and went ppft. So his squeak-bit has been removed in case I swallow it. He’s not nearly so much fun now, but I do have the new one to play with, so that’s ok.

Considering that it’s been very dull and boring this month (I haven’t even been to the woods once) apart from playing and walks, the time seems to have gone quite quickly. As you know I don’t sleep on their bed any more – I really didn’t have enough room for them to share it with me, so I stay downstairs all the time now (until winter comes and then I might change my mind!). However, when I hear them moving around in the morning, I rush upstairs to tell them to hurry up because I need to go out.

You’ll no doubt remember me saying some time ago that I was going to be reduced to only three bonios for my lunch. Well that didn’t last long because I kept asking for more, so it went back up to four. But then I started asking for more again and a couple of times I had five! – Especially when I had them dunked in soup.  Mmm. Sometimes I ask for more tea too because I’m hungry, as I said earlier. If there is any more left then I’ll maybe get some, but if Chris thinks I’ve already had a lot then I don’t. As well as breakfast, lunch and tea I get supper. When I’ve come back from my evening ablutions and gone straight to bed I get two schmackos and then I settle down to sleep – for twelve hours at least!

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned Gucci. He was one of those little hairy foreign dogs – can’t remember what, but like a Lhasa Apso or something. Anyway it doesn’t really matter because he’s no longer with us, and may have been before I came here. Well his humans have recently got a puppy and called her Bronte Cockapoo – ha! She is only 4 months old, is a lovely chocolate brown colour and has curly hair. However I don’t like her too much because she wants to jump up all the time, all over my face. If she didn’t do that I think I might quite like her and we could be friends – cor, did I say that?! – Amazing.

Also I met Lily Collie one afternoon. I hadn’t seen her for ages. Mummy said she should have been called Vixen, because she was the colour of a fox. This just reminded me, I’ve seen another dead fox on my walk towards the Rugby Club. It was all blown up and fat looking and had rolled into the hedge. Poor thing. Smelled good though!

I had another sort-of boring day today. It started off ok. I had my morning walk, but didn’t get my breakfast straight away because we had to take mummy to this funny place. Then Chris and I went to the Cake Fairy where I had my normal breakfast. The morning started to drag because I was in the car all the time. Eventually Chris took me for another two walks before we went to pick up mummy again. Then I spent another half an hour in the car until mummy came and gave me some bacon for being a good boy. Thankfully we went home and mummy took me for yet another walk, I’m loosing count – four I think so far. Then I managed to catch up on some sleep before having a play.

I haven’t had any photographic sessions lately so I’ll show you my favourite forest at Delamere –

Alf in Delamere Forest 7

As I’ve no more news for you it must be time to go now, so . . .

Bye for now.

Love Alfie x.