2nd November 2011

 Dear All,

Just a few pix of Alfie to be going on with.

He is such an adorable chap and always wanting to be doing something, especially playing and going out for walks. Are you sure he’s 9?!

He is such a big softy, and loves going in the car. We left him looking after it on monday for about ten minutes and he was just fine.

We had hoped to go to the beach today but its not very nice weather for it; should have gone yesterday when the sun was shining.

He seems quite settled here, so no need to worry about him. Can’t think why no-one wanted to adopt him, but that’s lucky for us isn’t it – we love him to bits already!

We’ve got a new tag for him and a new collar, which needs a bit of adjusting. When that’s fixed at the weekend we shall return your collar and tag for future use.

He gets brushed every day and his coat is beginning to look better. We’ve ordered a furminator off the internet in the hope that it will make his coat even cleaner & brighter – cor, spoilt boy or what!

 Alfie 3 Alfie 7 


 Alfie 9


10th Nov 2011

Hello  Everyone,  Alfie here with my news.

I’m having a lovely time in my new home and being really spoilt!!

I get lots of cuddles and touchings and the lady-human, known as mummy, massages my neck and back in the evenings, but I like my chest tickled best. And the man-human, known as Chris, puts me to bed with a stuffed thing for me to cuddle!!  I ask you, how undignified is that? I think there ‘s a photo of it somewhere.  And today mummy came home with a small thing she calls teddy for me to play with – so I started biting it, Ha !

I get brushed every day and my coat is looking brighter. And if I’m lucky I get three walks a day!! But sometimes its only two if we had a really exciting time in the afternoon.

I’ve started wearing my new collar this week too.

Today Chris took me to register at the local vets during my afternoon walk. It was ok – I just had to give a few personal details, but didn’t actually see the vet, thank goodness. Luckily I didn’t see any other four-legged creatures either.

Last weekend both humans took me in the car to the beach – I went a bit mad.  There were a lot of other dogs there with their humans too, so I was kept on the long lead. That was ok. I didn’t see the sea because it wasn’t there!, so couldn’t have a play in it. After a long walk I looked after the car for half an hour when the humans went somewhere. That was ok too.

Yesterday we all went in the car again to some woods. There were lots of lovely smells there. I met another dog as big as me and we introduced ourselves. On the way home I looked after the car again whilst the humans went off. They leave some windows open for me so I can still smell the nice smells.  I love going in the car. I’d like to go out in it every day if I could.

I’m enjoying my meals immensely – Chris gives me little bits of meat or sometimes cheese with my kibble. I even tried scrambled egg yesterday – I liked that, but my favourite is fish.

Well its time I had a doze, so I’ll say cheerio for now.

Lots of love Alfie.



 Alfie & Wolfie


20th November

Hello Everyone, more news from Alfie.

I’m having such a lovely time here, it’s almost like being on a long holiday.

I’ve had a few walks on the local former railway, which is now a bridleway / foot + cycle path. I do go a bit mad along here because there are lots of lovely smells – not just of dogs but squirrels, rabbits and badgers. The squirrels are all over the place. I try to chase them and then get into trouble.

One day we had a good walk along a river bank ; and a couple of times I’ve been to a place called the Duke’s Drive. Apparently it was the old coach driveway leading to Eaton Hall, where the Duke of Westminster lives. He very kindly lets humans and their dogs walk along it and some people ride their bikes there too.

Mummy went to see her friend Elizabeth one day and I got the sulks because she went in the car without me. But I had a lovely time with Chris whilst she was away. When she came home she took me out for a walk and I was very naughty. I kept pulling really hard on the lead and nearly pulled her over a few times, and dragged her across the road. I also went after another dog, again. In the end we only had a measly little walk and mummy was cross. Oh dear.

Another time the three of us went in the car to a place called the canal. I didn’t know it was water and, when I stepped on it, I fell in. It was jolly cold and wet, so I jumped out quickly. A good shake and I was soon dry. I had some chicken with my kibble that night so I didn’t mind too much. The chicken was yummy.

I get a big cuddle from Chris every night before he goes to bed. We snuggle up together on my cushion and go to sleep for a bit. Then I have to go in the garden to . . . you know,  before going to bed properly on my own.  Mummy says she’s very surprised that teddy is still in one piece – every morning she checks him over for any bits missing!

On Friday we had a walk along a different part of the canal and I was not allowed to go near the edge this time! I met a few dogs and was ok, then on the way back I saw a cat on top of a high wall, so it was just out of my reach. Pity!  Mummy says I’m a wild child.

I met the postman the other day and he gave me a dog biscuit, wow!

Yesterday we had a great time. We went along the river Dee footpath near the Duke’s Estate again. We were out for ages and I met lots of other dogs and didn’t misbehave once. I even licked tongues with a sweet lurcher girl. Mmm! On the way back to the car I met 2 more dogs running around the meadows really enjoying themselves and I wanted to join in , it looked such fun, but I was on the lead.

I’ve just come back from my morning ablutions and had scrambled egg on my kibble for breakfast, yummy. Chris told mummy that I had been really good when I met a little dog, so I am getting better. I am just going to have a snooze now whilst my breakfast settles . . . I wonder what we’ll do next.

Bye for now,

Love Aflie, xxx

 Alfie 043 smaller