May 2016

Hi there everyone.

In fact – is there anybody there, because the website is looking a bit sparse these days?

I am busy writing my Blogs for you but does anybody bother to read them anymore?

I know I’m getting rather old and slow, but I still DO stuff. OK it may not be as interesting as flying to the moon, but that happens rarely, so can’t be very interesting to read about.

I write an email occasionally to my old friend Millie Spaniel and send emails to Annie Spaniel when I’m on holiday. That reminds me we haven’t been on holiday for ages and I’ve still got to get to Rock beach in Cornwall that my humans are always raving about. In fact I’ve just sent Annie one for her eleventh birthday. She said she’d been to the beach – she likes that ‘cos she can run off the lead without getting into trouble. She’s not very good on a lead even yet.  Nanna took her to my old farm café one day and she wandered about inside – and they got told of!! Ha.

As you know we get quite a few birds in our garden; this week there have been one or two singing their little hearts out all day. Together with the cockerel and geese up the road calling, and the pheasants in the field squawking, they all make quite a noise. And one day we heard a lapwing too.

It’s been jolly hot today; so hot at lunchtime I wandered round the garden trying to find a cool spot. There’s plenty of shade but it was still too hot. Chris and mummy kept saying it was cooler indoors, but I didn’t believe them. In the end I just couldn’t put up with it any longer and went and laid on my bed – yes it was cooler indoors and I managed to sleep a bit. In fact mum fell asleep on the settee and Chris fell asleep on the floor by me. When the telephone rang it made us all jump.

Next thing I know, a couple of days later, and mum is in bed poorly again. I didn’t know where she had gone for a bit, until Chris said to look in the bedroom. It is so much easier to visit the sick when we are all on the same level. These two have been more sick lately than I’ve had hot dinners. What am I to do with them? Ah, I know, perhaps a holiday would suit? Hmm . . .

We missed a good day out yesterday, because mummy was still in bed. Chris took me for a walk along the river, which was nice, but I found out later that we could have gone to an event that mummy was interested in. And do you know what? – there were some of my Newfie cousins doing things in a lake. I would have liked to have seen that too. I think they rescue people who have been silly enough to have fallen in the water. I hope there will be another chance next year, but I might not be able to go next year. At least I can just about get in the car at the moment with my ramp, but it’s a bit steep sometimes for me.

One day, whilst mum was still in bed, Chris took me for a walk in the car – well, not walking in the car, but you know what I mean. When we got back there were two big parcels waiting for me on the doorstep! It was obviously my two bags of kibble, but when I opened them up I found a bag of new squeakies as well. Wow, that was great ‘cos my last ones were running out of squeak.

We had another big lorry turn up one lunchtime; it left behind a big box thing for the chopped tree bits to go into.  Later I thought I was going to get two evening walks. Mum took me in the field whilst Chris was out. When he came back he said ‘I’ll take you out in a minute mate’, but mummy went and let the cat out of the bag by telling him we’d already been. Spoil sport!  However, a few nights later the same thing happened again and this time mummy kept quiet, so I had two walks round the field!

The next day was a funny old day. At first I just thought we’d be hanging about all day and the humans either doing jobs or nothing. After they’d hung out some washing we got in the car so I thought ah going somewhere nice. But no they went sort of shopping for more bits for the house, without much luck again, although I’m sure they spent stuff. Anyway we went for a little walk on the way back, by a church. We couldn’t find the footpath and walked all the way round the church and a house with a garden surrounded by fields; a bit like us but not quite the same. There were cows in this field and a few scattered trees.  Later on after tea it started to rain so I had to come indoors. Mummy played catch squeaky with me for about ten minutes or so, by then I was puffed out and had to have a rest.

Talking of having a rest . . . it takes a lot of work to guard the car doesn’t it?  We went out one morning to get some more bits for the house – we seem to have to go all over the country to get stuff – and I was in charge of the car of course. Well, it seemed to go on forever. Eventually I was given a 10-minute break for a widdle, then we were off again. It seemed they couldn’t find this one place but gave up in the end and we went somewhere else.  Eventually they stopped for a late lunch, whilst I was still in the car and getting stiffer by the minute.  Mum came back after a while and took me for a lovely new walk in some trees by a river. We met a lady with two tiny dogs, just enough for a snack, and she said she was frightened of me. Mummy nearly said it’s your dogs he wants not you.  By the time we got home it was nearly my tea time, but I fell asleep in the garden, so was half an hour late eating, by then I was starving.

Fast Asleep  Asleep again!

Lots of woofs, Alfie xxx.