May 2015

Ooh, d’you know what?  I’ve eaten far too much.  Last night I had my tea early, as I like it. I’ve got the humans well trained now.  Then, after my evening walk, Chris came home with a small piece of fish for me.  Of course I wasn’t going to say no was I?  So I ate all of that.  I was so full I didn’t know where to put myself. My tummy was so full it was uncomfortable even to lie down. I spent the rest of the evening moving from outside to inside and inside to outside. Oof, I just couldn’t settle.  By the next morning, when I’d had another walk, it was time for brekky. For that I had my usual kibble and some Chinese stuff. I don’t know where I put it all. It was very nice though.

As the weather looked as though it was going downhill fast we went down to the River Dee for a walk.  I thought it was to be an Extra one, but it wasn’t cos I didn’t get another one until the evening time. I think I was diddled there.  Then they spent the rest of the afternoon on those boring computer thingies again – Plotting something no doubt.  Anyway, I had no trouble putting away my tea!

A few days later it was such a lovely day. A good day for going to the beach, I thought.  And what did the humans do? They got the brushes and things out of the garage and did some painting. That was in the morning. In the afternoon what do you think they did? They fell asleep. A great day that was, I must say.

Anyway, a couple of days after that they made up for it a bit. After walks and brekky I went with Chris in the car to do a few errands and when we got back home I was left in the car – mmm, a jolly good sign.  Then when mummy was ready we went off to Delamere Forest. Great. We only saw one other dog, but there were a few people on bicycles. Then I was left to look after the car for a little while and got sausage and bacon for a treat. Mummy wanted to go and buy some more plants (what does she do with them – eat them?), so I had to look after the car again. No treat this time though, or so I thought. But a few minutes drive down a lane and we reached some more woods that I hadn’t been to before. I had a lovely run about there and met a young wriggly hairy Lurcher misbehaving itself. Well it was only a baby. Nearby the woods were a Polo Club and a Racing Track for cars and motorbikes. Good job we don’t live near there then, mummy would really have something to grumble about! On that evenings walk we saw a baby Robin in a hedge. It just had a few orange feathers beginning to show.

Occasionally since then I’ve taken my humans into the fields opposite our house for the odd ramble.  I can’t go in the fields down Hare Lane now because they are growing crops there. Mummy says that uncle Jake used to play in these fields, even when there were horses in them. Later there were cows and their calves for a few summers, but now there’s nothing but long grass and stuff. She says she hopes I don’t pick up any unwanted creepy crawlies. But I should be ok because I’ve had that stuff on my back, haven’t I?  One lunchtime when we were there she picked up an interesting leaf (interesting? Leaf? Ha!) to look up in her books. It turned out to belong to a sort of buttercup-looking flower called a Silverweed.

Another day, instead of the humans doing more painting, we went out in the car and ended up in another forest that I hadn’t been to before. It was by a river, but not the one I usually go to. This was the River Mersey. It had ships on it and it was a long way to the other side. Anyway the woods were great. We could walk almost anywhere in the trees, without keeping to the footpaths. There were quite a few dogs about too; it seemed a popular place. But d’you know what I did – I hadn’t eaten my brekky before we went cos I didn’t want it, so I ate it when we got back home. Then an hour later I was asking for my tea! And I got it.

Since then the humans have been busy with chores. And now they go in to the elderly lady next door to make her a cup of tea. I’ve been a bit down in the dumps because nothing exciting has happened for a few days. I had to go with Chris again to do a few errands and the first place we stopped was the vets. But it was ok, we were just collecting my meds. Then we went to the pet shop and I chose a bag of new Squeakies for myself, cos the squeak was coming loose in my old one. They don’t seem to last very long do they?

After that the days seemed to drag by until something strange started to happen. The humans were saying things like ‘extra chicken’ and ‘only need one blanket’, yet they washed all the little blankets and my towels. They also watered the house plants and those outside in pots, especially the new ones that mummy had just planted. What is going on?
You’ll have to wait and find out . . .

Bye everyone!

Alfie xxx.