Hello again; Alfie here with a little bit more of my news.

It’s quite a few weeks since I put pen-to-paper (so to speak), so I’ll have to dredge the old memory files a bit.

The first bit of my news is easy to remember because it makes mummy laugh! One day when Chris was out I took mummy for my afternoon walk. It was about 3 o’clock and looked a bit grey outside. We hadn’t been out ten minutes when the heavens opened and it hailed, rained and sleeted all at once. It was horribly miserable. We tried sheltering against a hedge, but whilst mummy pulled up her hood I made other arrangements. Muttering to myself . . “Blow this. I’m not staying here, I’m off.” . . I promptly turned round and ran for home dragging mummy behind me. Needless to say that by the time we got there both of us were soaked and it took THREE towels to get me barely dry!



This next story Chris has had to help me with a bit –
He says to tell you that I’m now down to the last piece of her and that mummy tasted lovely!!

(only joking)

Actually I might not be joking – just look at what she’s done to my tail. I’d been chasing rabbits for ages through the brambles and stuff with a friend, young Sammy Collie. When I finally returned to mummy I was covered in brown sticky things and the end of my tail was wrapped round oodles of them. She managed to remove them from my coat but said that she couldn’t untangle the bits on the end of my tail, so she just cut them off! And look at it now . . . .

She says it’s already re-growing, but I can’t see it myself and I feel so silly.

I’m going to let you into a little secret now, but you mustn’t tell anybody. Sometimes Chris curls up with me on my cushion. He covers me with his jacket and we snuggle up nice and warm together and both fall asleep. Eventually Chris wakes me up by snoring and taking up too much room, so I have to move away and leave him to it. Mummy says You should see the look I give him, because he’s pushed me out of my own bed. She’ll try and take a sneaky photo one day for you to look at.

Mummy has been to stay with Auntie Elizabeth for a few days and Chris and I went to pick her up the other afternoon. I had a walk on the way there and then another on the way home. So by the end of the day I’d had FOUR walks – how lucky is that? I also went into the place where Auntie Elizabeth lives. It was weird. There were three magic doors to go through and then we went into a tin box, with a magic door, that moved and took us to another place. Eventually we arrived and I could look through a window down onto the cars parked outside – most odd. I missed mummy while she was away and was a bit quiet because I didn’t really understand where she had gone, but I’m really happy now she’s back.


27th May – doggy fun day . . . . I’m sorry but I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll be able to attend the Doggy Fun Day this time. (Although I might have had a chance at winning The Dog with the Silliest Tail).

We are really busy house-hunting and house-selling at the moment and just can’t spare the time. The last place we looked at had loads and loads of lovely space for me (and maybe a new friend) to run around in, but Chris said the cottage wasn’t big enough for us all, so we won’t be moving there! The one we looked at the week before was also in a great spot, near to TWO canals, but that was too small as well.

It looks as though this may take some time, so don’t hold your breath.

I think that’s all I have for you this time.

Lots of Love

Alfie xxx