March  2016


Hello hello,

Oops, sorry I’m a bit late with this one.

I haven’t been writing very much recently.  Although I have written to Millie Spaniel. Her dad’s a bit poorly at the moment. When he’s better they say they might come for a visit. In fact, everyone says they’ll come for a visit. Oh heck.

I did think at first that this was just a holiday place, like some others we have stayed at, but then Chris kept asking me if I liked my big garden. And then they put some pictures on the wall. And another day, when it was lashing down with rain and blowing a howling gale, they started hanging plates up too.  I wasn’t sure about all this really, so went in the garden (yes, in the rain) to eat some grass.  It dawned on me then that this wasn’t like any holiday we’d had before.

Mum spends her time in the big glass room watching the birds on the feeders and keeps saying things like “ooh it’s a male woodpecker this time” and making notes in a pretty book.  Well, it takes all kinds doesn’t it?!

We’ve had more people here doing things.  Mummy said they would, didn’t she?  And still there’s more to come.  Some men even came in a big lorry to empty the toilet thingy down the garden. They said it was full of fat; and you’re not supposed to put fat down it. Well it couldn’t have been us, could it?  Chris told them we’d only just arrived.

Whatever happened to my quiet retirement?  I do spend a lot of time in the garden; quite often dozing these days. And my walks are a lot shorter too.  That’s my choice; except when we go somewhere nice like the canal or the mere, then I can overdo it a bit and get a bit floppy.  My joints are getting worse and I trip a lot; and I get quite grumpy sometimes. You know I’m on two lots of meds now; well we met someone the other day who suggested we ask the vet about another one. Groan. It’s jabs instead of stuff and pills. Actually these latest pills have given me the wind – you know?

Do you remember my ‘new’ bed that went all lumpy, well mummy has fixed it for me and now I lie on that one as well, in fact I prefer it to the other one.

Lots of woofs, Alfie xxx.