March 2015

Hi there,

Just catching up with my news – Sorry it’s a bit late. Don’t seem to get around to it these days, so I’m likely to forget where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. Mummy says she has the same problem – she says its old age. Granddad said ‘the old age is fine; it’s the dry rot that’s the problem’.

Anyway, I remember going out in the car to some lovely woods and things near Hawarden Castle, where I’ve been before. But this was in a different spot. I was able to run around off the lead all the time because we didn’t meet another dog. Chris was taking pictures of the place and took one of me on the way back to the car across a huge field with just one tree in the middle.

Alfie-Hawarden Castle

About a week or so later we went again and this time joined up the two previous walks by going in a circle.

When I was working in the front garden with mummy, a little black and white girl came along to say Hello. She was a Lab X Whippet; only a youngster, so I hoped she wasn’t going to jump all over my face, as they do. Anyway I forgot to ask her name and I haven’t seen her since.

One day mummy took me to some shops near the one where we buy my kibble, and then we went for a lovely walk in Caldy Nature Park just down the road from there. I had to stay on the lead though because there were some dogs loose, but also there were lots of ponds and streams, which I wasn’t allowed to go in.

Well, after that good start everything went downhill from thereon and I’ve been bored witless lately. First Chris had a bad cold and spent a few days in bed. Then mum went to stay at aunty Elizabeth’s for a night. The very next day she started with a cold. I have been getting my walks and some playing but I haven’t been anywhere interesting for ages. Oops, I forgot, Chris did take me to Gowy Park once when mummy was in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining really – I am actually, it’s not been much fun.

Then to make matters much worse I had a bit of a drama of my own one night. The humans had already gone to bed. After quite a while I started choking and coughing, and it was a wait before anyone came to see me, by which time I couldn’t get in the garden fast enough. Even then I couldn’t do anything about this something which was hurting my throat. Mummy shone a light down my neck and, much to my disgust, stuck her fingers down my throat and did something. Not only did it make me feel sick I chomped down hard on her hand with my teeth and now she’s got some nasty sores. I didn’t mean to hurt her, but she frightened me so much. After that she wanted to look down my throat again, but I wouldn’t let her. No thanks. Even when Chris came down to help, I was too scared. It was horrible. So after settling me down again mummy went back up to bed and Chris got into a big bag and slept beside me, to make sure I was ok. Next morning I seemed fine and went out for my walk with Chris. There was some talk of ‘Vet’ and stuff, but nothing happened. For breakfast I just had a few baked beans which seemed to go down well. At lunchtime I had a few more with some soft bread and that went down safely. So for tea I was tried with fish and some kibble. All ok, I was back to my normal greedy self. Phew, that was scary.

Some days later, I came in from my evening walk with mum and drank about a gallon of water. No sooner had I laid down in bed than I threw up all over the carpet, about three times. There was no time to shuffle me outside either.  Chris cleaned up the mess then mummy sprayed something on the carpet, which I didn’t like so ran to the other side of the room. It smelled ok and I was soon back in bed. I was right as rain next morning.

Well, how about this for a good tale to end on. I was out with mummy one damp lunchtime. We’d already been wet once before breakfast. I’d decided I wanted to cross the busy main road and we were on the green bit in the middle waiting for the traffic to clear, when all of a sudden a car flew past, right through a big puddle, and soaked us both from top to toe. Oh groan. Mummy shrieked. She was just dripping water, clothes drenched, and . . erm . . let’s just say . . cross. Then I made her keep walking. After about half an hour she said she wanted to go home for some hot soup and sandwiches because she was so cold. Aahh.

Bye for now.

Alfie xxx.