March 2014

Hello everyone,

Well that was a good start to the month I must say. All winter it has been far too wet to play on the fields and now it’s too late because the farmer has ploughed them. Phooey!

I forgot to tell you last month that mummy has made some changes to my cushion. We couldn’t find one in the shops that she was happy with (she’s a bit of a fussy one is mum), so she used something we had in the bedroom to make it a lot thicker. Ooh, and it’s really comfy now. The first time I lay on it I just groaned with pleasure! Now I’m not stiff in the mornings when I get up. Thanks mum.

One day, when Chris had gone out for the day with his friend, she took me on a bus again. Then instead of walking along the canal we climbed up and down loads of steps and along a path that was really high up. I could see down below squirrels and birds and things moving about. Then later on we went up and down lots more steps and eventually reached the canal. It was weird. From there it was a two minute walk to the Cake Fairy – ah, I might have guessed.  We were there for ages. Andrew brought me a big bowl of water and offered me a sausage, but mummy said I’d been sick the night before so I’d better not have it. Meanie. But later on she shared with me her beans on toast. Mmm, I like beans on toast. We had to walk through the centre of town to catch a bus home again and I was very good and much admired. But I think running up and down all those steps has caught up with me. I’ve been a bit quiet and stiff for a few days since then. Chris knew I was feeling better when I started making a lot more noise, like barking, and wanting to play.

I was out with mummy one morning when we came across a squished Cyril, I mean squirrel, but I was a good boy and didn’t touch it. That was at least five days ago and it’s still there – nothing’s eaten it. Perhaps they don’t taste very nice. The next night I was snuffling around in the undergrowth along the side of the main road. Mummy thought I had found a dead rabbit, but you’ll never guess what I picked up – a prickly ball that mummy called a sleepy hedgehog. I put it down and she put it gently back where I’d found it and we haven’t seen it since.

These last few days I’ve been supervising my humans while they’ve being doing outside jobs in the mornings – some gardening, some fence painting and a noisy thing that squirted water all over the path. I kept well away from that. At lunchtime I did a funny thing that made my humans laugh. You know dogs are supposed to bury bones in the garden; well I buried my biscuits under the gravel using my nose. They were still out there untouched for a few days. Then one day when I felt really hungry I ate them as well as my lunch for that day. Another day I tried to bury them under my cushion! Sometimes I decide to eat them when my humans want to play with Squeaky. Actually these few days have been a bit boring for me. I didn’t think much of this supervising business so I went for lie down on the lawn and had a good old roll about to help rid me of my frustrations. I hope something interesting or exciting happens soon or I shall go stark staring mad!

Did you see those fancy dogs on the tele? Mummy wanted James Wolfhound to win, but she said that some little thing won it again. That shouldn’t be allowed should it; once you’ve won you should be banned?!

A few days later we went for a walk in some woods we hadn’t been to for ages and didn’t see a single dog until we were getting back in the car, when we saw a lady with at least six assorted dogs! We think she must have been a dog-walking lady. The next day mummy went to visit aunty Elizabeth and came back with a present for me – a sausage for my tea, so that was good wasn’t it.  I had it with my chicken and kibble. And Chris called me a pot-bellied pig, not just because I eat such a lot but because, when it’s something exciting, I snort in my food bowl like a pig!

Another day, when Chris was out, mummy and I went to the GowyPark. Just as we arrived there was an Alfie Russell just leaving and he had found a squeaky ball that someone had lost. I had my Squeaky with me so I know it wasn’t mine. It was a really windy day, but I had good fun chasing him about. We only saw two other dogs while we were there and they were Max and Murray Munsterlander who live just round the corner from me! Max is ok, but Murray is a bit of handful and has to stay on the lead, so we kept well away from each other just in case we fell out.

That same morning mummy and I were doing stuff in the garden. Often my water bowl is outside too, in case I need a drink. As we were going back into the house you’ll never guess what was in my bowl – one of those buzzy-bee things was drowning in the water. I don’t like buzzy things, but mummy didn’t want it to drown and managed to scoop it out and put it to dry in the sun. Next time we looked it had gone, so it must have been ok. That was lucky wasn’t it? Which reminds me; we heard and saw some frogs in the pond too.

To end on a good note – I took mummy and Chris out one day and we went to the beach. It was sunny but so cold and windy that after a while we walked over a field and along an old railway track that I had been to before. It was much more sheltered from the wind and fairly quiet too. Then, I took them into a café for coffee and sandwiches – I was allowed in there too! And afterwards we went for another shorter walk in the other direction. I had a fabulous day out and then had some of Chris’s real fish with my tea.


And the very next day . . . mummy wanted to buy some fabric stuff and we had to go a long way to get it. Afterwards we went to another beach for me to play on. I hadn’t been there before. There was just so much sand, you could see miles and miles of it. It just went on and on! There were a few other dogs about, but there was so much space for us all. There was just one funny thing standing on the beach. It was quite tall and round, with something on the top of it. Mummy said it was a lighthouse. Uh? Then on my evening walk I saw a really long train with 21 wagons all full of tree trunks. Wow.

alf 1

I’m really tired so I’m off to bed now.

Night-night everyone.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie