March  2012

Hello Everyone, It’s me again.

Gosh I’ve had such an exciting time lately . . . I’m worn out.

 Driving my car

 I love all the different walks we go on, but I also like to go riding in the car with the windows open so that the wind blows through my hair. Sometimes, especially if it’s cold, the windows don’t get opened and so I grumble noisily until they are!

We’ve been to a new place recently, called Whitegates Way, which was yet another disused railway line, this time near some salt mines, whatever they are.        I spent   t w o   w h o l e   h o u r s (!) walking and running about off the lead. I was gasping for a drink when we eventually got back to the car. Phew!  Then we ended up at DelamereForest, and I thought ‘NO, no more p-lease!’, but my humans had stopped for a drink and something to eat and I was allowed to sit with them outside. Hee, and I got a bit of bacon from Chris’s sandwich again.  I’d already been a walk earlier with mummy while Chris stayed in bed and now this, they must think I’m only a young dog. I don’t think they know I’m nine years old – well, to be honest, I don’t think I am either. I was full of beans again today.  On our walk we met a really old girl that looked like a scruffy fox. She may have once been a Red Collie but now she was just an ancient dog struggling to keep up, poor thing.

We’ve also been to Anglesey again, walking through the forest and onto the beach. This time I was allowed off the lead – WOW, it was great. I had such a lovely time dashing about all over the place. I was so thirsty I drank some sea water and got told off.  And I was so tired when we got home I could hardly eat my tea.  WHAT? –  ME, EAT NO TEA – well I never!

 Me on the beach(small)

             Me & Chris on Newborough beach       

  The very next day, in between my morning and afternoon walks, I was left at home on my own for over two hours for the very first time. And I was ever such a good boy and stayed on my own bed. As a reward I had a little bit of bacon with my kibble for tea.  As a matter of fact, I’d had extra breakfast too, for only having half my tea the night before. How lucky is that!

One day Chris went out for the day with a friend and left me to look after mummy.  So first I took her on our local track and we went further this way and further that way and I was off the lead all the time we were away from the traffic. I even met two other dogs, one was another Jess Collie. She was only two and liked playing with a ball, I prefer a stick myself.  Then we met Sky Retriever who loves to jump in the pond, especially since they made it bigger.  Before mummy could stop me I went in as well, but just for a quick drink. Then, just when mummy wasn’t watching me, I spied a rabbit and chased it into the brambles.  I shouted at it to make it run again and got myself stuck; so it got away. Back at home, when mummy was working in the front garden, I met my neighbour Jess Collie, who is about a quarter of my size and quite timid, and we rubbed noses through the gate. Later that same day we went for a walk along the canal near the zoo.  We had to pass the zoo to get to the canal and I’m sure I could smell some really strange smells. It was weird.

Another afternoon mummy took me to aunty Sandy’s ‘park’ and just as she was parking the car we saw aunty Sandy and Annie Spaniel. Actually I’m not keen on Spaniels but Annie’s ok because we ignore each other.  We both ran about like mad things and I ran up to every dog I could see, but I was very good.  And another time, when Chris and mummy came with me, we met a man with TWELVE dogs, all different sizes and breeds!  It’s a pity he was just leaving as we arrived, it would have been great to play with them all.

When we walk along the roads, where there are cars and things dashing about, I am supposed to stop at the kerb until it’s safe to cross, but I am so excited to be out that I often forget and have to be reminded. But one night I was out with mummy and she was so tired after being at aunty Elizabeth’s all day that she forgot to tell me to stop. Well, it’s a good job that I was awake because I stopped anyway, although there was no traffic about, and mummy thanked me and said I was a very good boy. Corr, the things I have to do to get appreciated around here.

 Coat 2

     Picture of me in my high-viz coat!

 Sometimes when we go to Delamere Forest we park by the station café and go walking from there through the trees and things, then go to the café for tea.  But sometimes we go a different way, passed secret cottages and then up a windy hill where, from the top, we can see for miles and miles and the trees are below us.  Mummy has a poorly ankle at the moment and we dragged her all the way up the hills and down again, because she is SO SLOW.

As you already know, I’m quite keen on chasing squirrels up trees and rabbits. Needless to say I’m not too good at climbing trees, although I do try, but I am very good at running.  One afternoon I was in the fields just across the road from our house and I spotted a rabbit by a hedge. So off I go chasing the rabbit, tearing across the field barking like mad with excitement, through some trees and into the brambles, where it disappeared down a hole.  I hunted around and dug about for a bit but couldn’t find it. Then mummy said I had frightened them off anyway and I had to sit down for a rest because I was panting so much. I must be getting-on a bit, but what fun.  Since that first time I’ve been in those fields lots of times, because the cows aren’t there at the moment.  Each time I go there with mummy I run off hunting for rabbits, but when I go with Chris, I just walk about and stick with him, because I think he might shout at me if I run off!

OH CRUMBS, I jumped in another smelly pond the other day.  When I got home Chris gave me a cold shower with the hose-pipe, but it didn’t do the trick.  I’ve had to have a bath again, but I’m still really itchy and mummy says I might have to have another one – groan, and Chris said he might put the cold hose on me again!  At least the weather’s hot just now, so I don’t mind so much really.  In the end I didn’t have another bath or shower, but I had that horrible sticky stuff in a blue thing squeezed on my back instead, which is supposed to stop the biting things.  But I’m still itchy and it’s driving me crackers and It’s making me  feel a bit miserable.

However the very next day, as an extra special treat (was that for jumping in the pond or what?) I was taken to see Kevin the butcher and he gave me a lovely bone to chew for the afternoon, plus a spare one for another day.  Chris said he wondered if I would know what it was because uncle Jake didn’t know what to do with his first one.  Anyway I did, because when we got home I went and lay on the lawn in the shade to eat mine.  It was lovely, I can’t remember the last time I had a juicy bone.

Well I seem to have been droning on a bit here, so hope you haven’t been bored with my story.  But as you can see I’m very happy here, so there’s no need for any of you to worry about me.

Bye for now,

Lots of Love,

Alfie xxx