June 2016

Those pigeon birds are a menace aren’t they?  One evening I was lying outside in the garden, just minding my own business, and these birds kept flapping about the place. Dancing on the conservatory roof and on the ground and then in the trees, making such a noise and a real nuisance of themselves. In the end mummy came outside to see what all the commotion was about. She shooed them off with a wave of her magic wand – well, not really, it was a fly swat, but it sent them on their way. For about five minutes, then they were back again causing more disturbance. Out came the fly swat again; this time they didn’t come back.

That reminds me . . . the other day a young great-tit flew through my open door into the conservatory. As it was trying to escape it kept bashing into the glass. Mum came to the rescue again. She managed to catch it, once it had almost knocked itself out, and put it outside to recover in the shade. When we looked a little while later it had gone.  Some birds bash into the windows on the outside and knock themselves out, so we have put them in shade too. It’s been so hot that they might die.

Golly, I’ve had a busy morning. It started off before 5 o’clock. I wake up when the sun comes up, you know.  And, with sleeping in the garden most of the night, I’m ready for the off before the birds even. Anyway, this morning I managed to wait till after 5 before going to wake the humans, who said it was much too early. I kept going into them about every half an hour or so, as I often do these days, until mum gave in and took me for a walk. That was at about half past 6. Then we watered the plants whilst it was still cool. Mum put my towels to wash. Brekky next, except that I didn’t feel like eating mine. I just wanted to eat grass.  Chris was still in bed, but got up when the washing was being put out to dry. When he’d had his coffee we jumped in the car and ended up at Dearnford Lake where we had a walk through the trees and along the lakeside before it got too hot. I had some water and biscuits whilst the humans had coffee. Then off we went again back into Wem, where I had to get out of the car again to walk round the shops for a bit – not sure why. Eventually we got back home and it still wasn’t even lunchtime, so I had a little doze until feeding time. In the afternoon I had to supervise their gardening before I could have my tea. And then they expect me to go for a walk later on!

You’ll never guess – I was busy having a quiet doze after my tea one day when I heard mummy call out ‘Fox’.  What?!  What’s all this fuss about? Then I smelt it on the wind. A really strong smell. I ran across the garden to the fence and up and down and up and down with my nose in the air. I stood up on the rockery to get a better view, but by then it had lain down in the long grass and I couldn’t see anything – except grass. By this time the humans were eating their tea, so I had to wait till after they’d finished before I could go in the field . . . aagghh!  Hurry up!  Of course, by the time I got into the field the fox had long gone hadn’t he?  But I managed to find his sent – and he’d left a message – and followed it backwards for a bit, and then the other way. Mm very interesting, must watch out for him again.

The very next day, I was just settling down nicely in the shade for yet another doze, when I heard the humans moving about in that sort of way they do when they are about to go out. I placed myself by the back door ready for the off. It was warming up already, not a good sign. We went off in the car for what seemed ages, then I recognised the place and the smell. We were near the farm café we used to go to before we moved. Oh great, I wonder if I’ll see any of my old chums, I thought. First mummy took me for a walk, but by the time I’d made myself comfy I turned round and headed back towards the café. We hadn’t even reached the footpath. The sun had come out and there was no shade, so I shuffled myself under the table as best I could and Chris dowsed my head with water. None of my friends were there; Seymour & Ziggy Greyhounds; not even Millie Spaniel. Mum said that if she’d thought about it earlier she could have suggested meeting Millie and her humans for lunch. Later on I had another little walk by the zoo in the shade of some trees, and we met little Hector Mongrel that I used to see on the old footpath sometimes. So that was good. After that we went to this place somewhere where I had to sit in a room with some strange people, whilst Chris and mum went into another room, because it was too hot for me to stay in the car. Luckily we went home after that with the car windows wide open letting in lots of lovely air and blowing my hair around my ears. It was only an hour short of my teatime when we got home, but I went off to sleep anyway. It was time for my evening walk before Chris woke me up, so I had something to eat after that, and went straight back to sleep again. Phew – What a day.

A few days later, all of a sudden, Chris and mum said I was to guard the house because they were going out and leaving me behind . . . on my own.  I wasn’t sure about that. How long would they be? Where were they going? And most importantly why wasn’t I going too? I always go with them don’t I? They’ve never left me before. Of course I didn’t get any answers, so just had to wait until they came back.  Fortunately, they were back before lunchtime and straight away took me for a lovely walk along the canal followed by some bacon and sausage with my lunchtime biscuits. Mind you I hadn’t wanted to eat my breakfast, so was starving by then.

One wet morning Chris went out early. Well actually I had got him out of bed very early, so I’d had a walk and breakfast early too. Then he went out and left mummy in bed. By about nine o’clock I’d had enough of amusing myself, and it was raining yet again, so I went and got mum out of bed.  She said she’d just have her brekky and then we’d have a play. I’m very good at catching the ball, but I can still only get one in my mouth at once. I think my big teeth get in the way of managing two.  That same evening I took mum in the field because I was sure I could smell Foxy again. I went round investigating everything that smelled strong, but didn’t find him.

Oh No!  I went to the Vets today.  First I got weighed and had put on a little bit of weight, but not too much.  I do less exercise these days so there we are.  Then – horror of horrors – I had this horrible thing put over my mouth and nose – not had that before; apparently it was to stop me biting the vet, so I growled a lot instead. The cheek of the women – felt me all over, even in places I didn’t know I had.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, she stabbed me in the neck with a needle too.  What’s even worse I have to go back again in a few of weeks for another one. Yuk.

I heard the other day that Annie Spaniel has picked up fleas from somewhere and Auntie Sandy has had to clean, spray and wash everything all the time. Phew.  So Annie won’t be coming to visit any time soon – I hope, cos I don’t want fleas. I haven’t had a scratch all the time I’ve been with my humans and I don’t want to start now, it’s just too much effort.

I must just tell you that I went to a castle today. First I had to look after the car for a bit, but for a treat I went to this castle which had lots of water round it. It also has a tea shop, so we’ll be going there again!

Lots of woofs, Alfie xxx.