June 2015

Hey, the surprise was . . . another holiday!

Bit of a long drive to get there but, I had a walk at a woodland place I’d been to before, on the way. Then another little one with just mummy but, because I couldn’t see Chris in the car, I didn’t want to go very far. Eventually after miles of countryside, mountains and two Red Kites, we turned down a narrow country lane and arrived at a farm cottage. As mummy opened the gate she was met by FOUR dogs – Tessa & Poppy Black Labs, Honey G Retriever (the eldest at 11) and Alfie B Terrier (needless to say – the youngest)!!!  It got a bit confusing with my humans and his humans calling Alfie, but we managed.

The cottage and farmhouse (where the dogs lived) were surrounded by 35 acres of grounds and woodland walks (35 eh?).  I had 3 more walks that first day – 2 in the grounds through the trees and wild flowers down to a little river, and one along the lanes. But first I was desperate for my TEA!

I slept down stairs on my cushion and the humans were upstairs. I was ok with that cos it was like that at home. It was a rough night with storm winds and pouring rain. It was still raining for my morning walk. We didn’t know the way back to the cottage after walking across fields and stuff, so mummy came to fetch us in the car. She took ages to find us because she went the wrong way. Later on we went in the car for a little drive and ended up by the seaside – Yeh. I had a run on the sand and then a walk round boring stuff.  Then we drove along more country lanes and up and down steep hills to another beach (Cwmtydu). No sand here, only stones, but I had a paddle in a little river which ran down onto the beach; and then another walk along the side of the river for a bit.

When we got back to the cottage I had my tea whilst my humans took their clothes off and climbed into a big box of steaming water. It made loud humming noises and gurgling splats. I didn’t like it much so disappeared round to the front garden to look out for the other dogs.

The next morning we went to a pretty place called Aberaeron. It was still windy and raining. We were back ‘home’ in time for lunch. The humans saw a Woodpecker, Jay and an assortment of little Titties on a nut feeder outside the living room window.  They even saw Red Kites flying over the garden.

The next day we went to a lovely sandy beach at a nice seaside village called Llangrannog. Dogs were allowed on one side of the beach. And when the tide went further out, there was even more sand to play on, round the corner of some huge rocks. It was great. By the next day the rain had dried up completely and we went for a little climb up a really steep rock called Mwnt. It was jolly hard work but we all managed. There was a view of lots of sea from the top.

Mwnt 1  The Four & Me

As the week went on I had more times on the beach plus walks in woodland and paddles in rivers. I loved it. I hadn’t really made friends with the other dogs as my humans had hoped I would. We just put up with each other. Little Alfie was a bit of a nuisance. He wanted to make friends with me, but I didn’t want to be bothered with him. I only spoiled things once, but we’ll forget about that. Eventually we had to go home. I put my sad face on when I was put in the car. We made a few long stops on the way home, which was twice as far as the outward journey because Chris wanted to go somewhere else first. I had a chip-shop fish for my tea!

Since then the humans have been busy tidying up the garden, cleaning windows and other boring stuff. I wasn’t interested in helping so I sunbathed and then recovered in the shade. One morning Chris took me to the vets. I had to have a jab in my neck. Ugh. He also checked me all over, even in my ears & mouth. My back knees are still painful, that’s why I have the medicine. And I had to be weighed – 38.4kilos this time. Wow, I’ve lost about 3kilos. That’s jolly good isn’t it.

Did I mention that I’d been in the fields opposite our house?  The grass and stuff is so high that I have to jump up to see where I am. Mummy says it’s nearly up to her armpits in some places. And I get covered I seeds and things, and they get in my mouth as I’m charging along.

You know how I like to go back out into the garden after my evening walk – well, one night it was really warm when my humans went off to bed, so they gave me a kiss and left me in the garden to sleep!  It was great, like camping out (although I haven’t tried that yet). They left my door open so that I could get back in if I wanted to. Eventually I did decide to go in to sleep on my cushion. But for quite a few nights after that I was allowed to stay out as long as liked. One time it was so hot I didn’t get a walk in the middle of the day. I had to wait till the evening. That was jolly long time. Even then it was still hot, but there was a bit of a breeze.

Nite-Nite everyone.

Alfie xxx.