June 2014


Well that was a good trip to Anglesey last month. I slept really well that night and, to be honest, on and off the next day as well. I was so tired I couldn’t eat my breakfast or my lunch. Even my walks the next day were still a bit brief. But by that afternoon I was ready to play and asking for my tea early. I actually shouted at Chris for him to do it. Then I got called a cheeky monkey.

A few days later Chris went out with his friend Neil, so mummy was on dog walking duties all day, poor thing. For the first one we went over the field passed the Rugby Club and saw lots of rabbits. In the afternoon we went near the shops, in fact I went into a shop with mummy, and it wasn’t the pet shop either. I was very good and just lay down to wait.  In the evening we went all the way round the block and were just on our way back home when Chris stopped the car right next to us. I was too tired to jump in the back of the car, so I scrambled in the front bit and sat on the floor next to Chris. Because there was stuff on the floor in the back mummy had to kneel on the back seat! Still it was only half a mile till we got home. Is this getting to be a habit?

Since then it’s been a bit quiet around here. And I’m getting a bit bored again. It’s been too hot to play in the day time and after my evening walk I crash out in the garden for a kip. Actually, I’ve heard a rumour that we are going to Anglesey again one day next week . . . yippee!

One morning we saw Big Jess Poodle with one of her mummies – she has two you know, and they are sisters who make lovely cakes and . . . cheesy dog biscuits, which I haven’t tried yet!  I’m quite looking forward to those. The only other exciting moments for a while was seeing loads of dead rabbits all over the road. Oh, actually there was another one I should tell you about. One morning two young squirrels dashed across the road, playing tick or tag or whatever. They were so busy playing that they didn’t see me heading in their direction until the last minute. Unfortunately for me I was on a short lead all of a sudden. The first squirrel charged into the brambles just ahead of me, but the other one stopped in his tracks with fright for a moment, then decided to dash back across the road towards the safety of the trees. At one point he stopped, probably thinking that he might get run over instead of being eaten to death. You could see him dithering, unable to decide which was the better option. He obviously had one or two functioning brain cells and decided to chance his luck with the traffic and eventually made it to the other side.

Any road, the next week came round quite quickly and, yes, we did go to Anglesey again. I had quite a few little walks here and there, to begin with. Then Chris & mummy went to look at a little house, you know the ones without an upstairs again, and I was invited to investigate the garden. Wowee – that was good. Plenty of space for me to play ball and stuff like that. There was a sort of hedge all the way round, so I couldn’t escape into the next door field where there were some cows, but some lovely rabbit smells. It was only about five minutes from the forest and ten minutes to the nearest beach. How does that sound? There was only one drawback – the nearest neighbour had two cats. Humph.

Mummy seems to have this thing about hairy Lurchers and big dogs like that. We had a walk by the river one day and passed by a cottage where there were three of them sleeping in the shade of the front garden. She went all goo-goo!  Two of them were boys, a big white one with black markings and a smaller brown one with brown and yellow eyes. He ran up to mummy and gave her a big cuddle – soft thing. The honey coloured girl Lurcher kept away from us. Their human said that they were all rescue dogs. Then another day mum said she and Chris had seen a lovely young one when they were out without me. They had left me at home just for a little while with a yummy bone for company.

Golly it’s been hot hasn’t it? I quite like lying in the sun, as long as I can get into the shade as well. My humans worry about me getting too hot and are forever saying come into the shade Alfie it’s too hot out there. Or when I run outside with squeaky wanting to play, they say it’s far too hot Alfie. Chris threatens to put the hose onto me, but I run away. Sometimes he’s poured water from the watering can on my head and even out of my drinking bowl, but I’m not impressed. I don’t mind walking in the rain though. But if I’m in the garden and it starts raining I go indoors.  Last time it was hot I was given a little bit of ice cream and I was sick. So mummy said I wasn’t to have any more. But it’s hot again today and Chris has given me some – only a little bit – we’ll see if it stays down this time. They are eating ice cream, lemonade and fruit smoothie all in a glass together. Yuk – that would make me sick!

Do you remember me mentioning Maggie magpie? Well he comes into the garden all the time with two others now. The smallest one makes a terrible racket, wanting food. I have to guard my food all the time. One day they even stole my bone!

Sorry, no photos this time.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie