July 2016

I have to start off with sad news I’m afraid.  Poor Annie Spaniel has gone to that great dog bed in the sky. She just got more and more ill with all the medicines she had to take. So there we are, she won’t be visiting my nice big garden, ever. Oh dear. Auntie Sandie is very very sad at the moment. My humans know how that feels, only too well.

Well, Some better news now.  I’ve just got back from a great day out.  I’ve been to a fun day at the home for rescued dogs. You know, the one I’ve been to before. At least it didn’t pour with rain this time. In fact it was jolly hot.  Of course, I was my usual grumpy self, growling at everything that moved.  At one point mummy said to me ‘stop looking for things to growl at’, because if there wasn’t a dog nearby I would look around me to see if there was one heading my way.

I had my tea as soon as we got home and then I fell asleep after all the excitement. I didn’t wake up for my evening walk until it was time to go to bed almost.

Since then the weather has been a bit up and down, but I’ve managed to avoid the really wet stuff. One day it was so bad at lunchtime that I was over an hour late going out, but at least I kept dry. Chris and mummy think that I should try not to get soaking wet because it doesn’t help my poor old joints.

I’ve actually had quite a busy week this week. I’ve been out somewhere in the car nearly every day, although one day was for my jab at the vets. I actually had four walks one day. That was ace!

Did Carl tell you that I am now on Facebook?! Although, to be honest, I’m not sure what that is. However, I do know that it is on the computer, because my humans spend even more time on them now. If they aren’t working in the garden, I pop indoors every now and then to see what they are up to and find they are staring at little screens. I’m not going to do much on there though, because it’s just a way for mum to have a look at stuff.

WELL; the weather was iffy for ages then all of a sudden the heat went through the roof and I didn’t know what to do to get comfy. Every now and again a human came outside to put water on my head, face and neck or sometimes spilled my water bowl gently along my back. Chris suggested squirting the hose-pipe over me, which I don’t like, and mummy asked if I wanted a paddling-pool to lie in, but I wasn’t sure what she meant. They even had ice-cream, but I didn’t. I only like certain ones.

I’m afraid I have to tell you something very unpleasant so, if you don’t fancy reading it, you’d better miss out this bit.  The other afternoon, when it was really hot, I couldn’t settle at all, I just kept fidgeting all the time and didn’t get a wink of sleep. Even after my evening walk I still couldn’t settle.  So mummy said she’d give me a little brush and maybe a trim to get rid of some of my hair.  Well.  She started around my backend and got no further because she found some horrible stuff on my skin, underneath all that hair . . .  Maggots!  Oh no!  No wonder I couldn’t sit still; they were driving me bonkers.  Unfortunately, it was starting to get dark, so Chris held a torch whilst mum set to work with a bottle of smelly stuff. It took a while. She said they had only been tiny, so difficult to see especially with a torch. Oh, I felt so much better and managed to sleep reasonably well. Of course by the morning I had to have an inspection; there were still a few more lurking about and starting to really irritate me, so I had been chewing and made my skin all sore as well. Anyway, to cut a very long story shorter, It was a couple of more days before my humans could be certain that I was ok. But the hair around by bum and tail looked a right mess where mum had tried to cut it off in the dark!

After all that messing, a couple of days later mum took me out in the car to a newish place. I recognised the road as we drove down it; I had walked a little bit of it once before. Mum was looking for some shade to walk in, but there wasn’t any. But when she parked the car in a little car park near the end of the road, we could see a footpath through the trees. Goodie. In fact there were lots of different directions we could go in; one way took you right onto the boggy bits called a moss round here, where there was lots of wildlife and special plants and butterflies. However, we didn’t go that way because it was too hot in the sun for me. We sauntered through the shade of the trees instead, which was very pleasant.

A few days later we went for a fantastic walk to another new place.  It was by another lake – there are loads of them around here. After walking along a funny track across marshland we reached some lovely woods full of lots of new smells. We saw quite a few dogs, including one of my neighbours, called Wilfred Bearded-Collie. He’s only a youngster but already bigger than me and has loads more hair than me too. He and his mum were in a hurry because his mum was going off to work later, so we weren’t able to walk along together. I grumbled anyway; you know what I’m like. Afterwards we went off to lunch at one of the other lakes that we got to, at Ellesmere.

More news next time.

Lots of woofs, Alfie xxx.