July 2015

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!

I’m so sorry to be so late with this July Blog.  Everything has gone whoopsie recently.  More of that next time, but the main problem was with mummie’s computer. Well, actually, it died the death. So she had to buy a new one. Which, of course, was completely different from her old one. There were also teething troubles with it, plus a major problem with this writing thingy. After lots of phone calls, we had to go back to the shop twice. Anyway, here we are at last. Let’s see how we get on. You will appreciate that the following news is a bit out of date, but never mind.

Gosh it’s been jolly hot hasn’t it?  I just lounged about chasing the shade in the garden.  I don’t get much rest though, because of those little birds that scream loudly as they fly past. Mummy calls them little spitfires. What are spitfires anyway? They’ve been nesting in our roof (the birds, not the spitfires, silly). Apparently they come every year and make a nasty mess all over the windowsills and front doorstep. The sparrows do too, come to think of it. A few times I only had short walks because it was so hot. One time we went into the trees at the top of our road and found a dead mole.  He was tiny. I thought that they were much bigger than that, but what do I know, I’ve never seen one before. They make an awful big mess for such a small person, don’t they? Perhaps it was just a baby one. Another time we found a tiny dead mouse on the pavement near the bridge. Mummy does this thing called a mammal survey. We rarely see anything alive; it’s nearly always dead stuff that she records. But she couldn’t really record these could she, because they weren’t on the road?

One day we set off in the car and I was wearing my nice scarf. So, I thought we were going on holiday again. But, no, we ended up at The Dog’s Trust place that we went to last year, where we bought the scarf, and when I behaved myself perfectly and didn’t bark once. This time . . . yes, you’ve guessed it . . . I barked quite a lot. Actually, I barked at every dog that came within sniffing distance and at some that didn’t even come close. You know how Chris always says he doesn’t like small dogs . . . well, he was tickling a little rough-coated Terrier, by the name of Minty, under the chin and saying “You’re a sweet little thing, aren’t you?”. I heard him say it with my own ears and, what’s more, so did mummy. Ha, got you now! Chris took me into a ring place (actually it wasn’t a ring at all because it was square) with lots of other Rescue Dogs, but I didn’t win anything. Then we sat down for something to eat and it starting raining. It rained and it rained and it rained. And, yes we did all get soaking wet.  By then my humans had seen everything they wanted to see, so we set off home again. By the time we reached home the sun was coming out and IT WAS MY TEATIME!

The next morning I took Chris along the cycleway and we met a lady with her Doberman Pinscher who we hadn’t seen for quite a while. She told Chris that her husband had died recently. One day she went out shopping and left her dog in the garden as it was such a nice day, but when she got home he was missing and stayed missing for a few days. A few days later she went to put some flowers on her husband’s grave and who should she find there? The dog was lying on the grave! Wow – that’s amazing! How did he know where to go?

Later that day, we were all in Christleton village, by the pond, which is full of ducks and things.  A lady walked passed us with her black Labrador on a lead and following along behind them was a cat. The lady said that the cat always goes out for a walk with them! On the way there we had seen a dead Hare in the road; never seen one of those around here before.

You know about me sleeping in the garden for as long as I can get away with it. Whilst I’m lying so still the local slug population start crawling all over me. I can’t feel them at all, but there’s always lots of evidence later. I look as though I’ve forgotten to rinse off the soap. Talking of which I narrowly escaped having a bath last week – my humans forgot!!

A few days later we took a really long drive, with lots of stops on the way for walkies and stuff. Eventually we drove up a long country lane and parked outside one of those bung-a-low-roof on places. It had loads of trees for me to run around in and hunt squirrels and rabbits. A ginger cat lived there but he would probably be moving away with his human. We saw him stalking something in the grass. I’m sure he’s going to miss the place because it was great for cats too. On the long way home we stopped for a lovely walk at a place called something like the Kerry Ridgeway. I thought at first it was the lady next door, because her name is Kerry, but I couldn’t quite understand. Anyway it was a lovely place, and the sun was shining. There were sheep all over the place and we heard a Pheasant calling. We were so late getting home that, guess what, I had a fish for tea with my kibble. Yummy!

The next week we went to look at another place with a lovely big garden for me run around in. Before we got there though we had a smashing walk along the canal – a part I hadn’t been on before. But all these bits of canal join up somewhere, don’t they, otherwise where would all the water come from? Anyway mummy said she wished the bungalow from last week was in the garden of the cottage they’d seen today. Then it would all be just right. Fussy these humans aren’t they.

Bye-bye everyone,

Lots of love,

Alfie xxx.