July 2014


On one of those hot days Chris went out without us, so mummy washed all my bedding and towels. Then she disappeared upstairs for a while, leaving me on my own. I could hear noises coming from upstairs but didn’t know what she was doing. You’ll never guess! She had made me a new cover for my cushion. Wasn’t that nice!

Soon after that the weather turned wet and one day when we were supposed to go out for a nice long walk in the afternoon, we didn’t go. Anyway, after my tea I took Chris for a long walk instead!  When we got back home, my humans went out and left me looking after the house for nearly 3 hours. Three hours!! That’s the longest they’ve ever left me on my own. But I didn’t mind too much, because I was able to have a quiet sleep without being disturbed. I only woke up when I heard the key in the front door.

Funnily enough the next day was bright and sunny. I knew we were going out, so I was too excited to eat my breakfast. As soon as the washing had been hung out to dry, we went off in the car. We hadn’t gone very far when I guessed where we were going and started to make noises. You know the type – a few squeaks to start with, then increasing up to full blown barking with excitement. Of course my humans didn’t want that racket to go on for too long so I was firmly told to be quiet. It took a while for me to stop. Then later on I started again, when we turned off the busy road at a roundabout and I recognised the place. I knew now that we were headed for the airfield. I knew right from the beginning anyway because Chris had put his camera in the car.  I can always tell. Well, there were some funny little planes this time, most with lots of wing things. And when they went up into the sky they did all sorts of strange things like flying upside down and inside out – Couldn’t see the point of it myself.  As lunchtime came around Gary, from the café, brought me a whole sausage to eat. Mummy grabbed it quickly before I could get my teeth into it saying ‘No – not all at once’. She then broke it up into little bits; burning her fingers it was so hot. Much later, on our way home, I started calling out for my tea. I then had to wait while Chris went to the shops. By this time my stomach thought my throat had been cut. I WAS FAMISHED!  All I’d had to eat all day was one little sausage. Eventually we arrived home and you’ll never guess what I had for tea . . . REAL FISH. Wowee! That was a lovely surprise. I think I had a whole one to myself.

And the very next day – Well, I met hundreds of other dogs of all shapes and sizes, because we went to a doggy event. I was so good I didn’t grumble at any of them, even though there were one or two dogs grumbling and shouting and some small ones leaping about as they do. I was on the short lead all the time of course and I did pull a bit, but I did not disgrace myself or my humans once. Mummy bought me a lovely coloured sort of tie thing to go round my neck. I looked so smart and felt really good about myself. I met a lovely girl Deerhound and, surprise-surprise, mummy wanted to take her home as a pal for me. But her mummy didn’t want to let her go. As a treat and because I hadn’t eaten my breakfast again before we went out, I had my tea early. So I had a really good day altogether. In fact it had been a smashing weekend.

Alfie-boy Phew,  Hot weather this!

Unfortunately I soon forgot all about that. Chris was taking granddad shopping so mummy took me for my morning walk. As we stepped out of the front door it started to rain, so she changed her jacket for an anorak. When we got back home an hour later she discovered that the front door key was in her other jacket which was now inside the house. Oops! We sat in the rain on the doorstep for a while and then mummy thought we might have a long wait, so we walked as far as the nearest bus shelter to wait. Luckily we would be able to see when Chris turned off the main road to go home; by that time though nearly an hour and a half had passed. Mummy got into to trouble for not having her mobile phone with her. Personally I would have been happier if she’d just had the front door key. We were cold and damp and had had no breakfast.

Anyway, the very next morning was different again. My early walk was rushed, I had a quick breakfast, and when more washing had been hung out to dry we set off in the car again. To be honest I hadn’t really recovered from the previous few days’ excitement, and would have been happy to stay at home for a rest. I tried having a snooze in my space in the back of the car, but wasn’t really comfortable and the country smells blowing in through the open windows was too good to ignore. So I eventually persuaded myself to sit up and take notice. After about an hour we stopped for a quick coffee and a walk along the canal (been here before haven’t we?!).  Then we went on for a little while and stopped to look at another little house in the countryside. Once that performance was over we went up the road a bit and stopped at a steam train station – been there before too. Here we went in search of a footpath along the river. In fact we managed to get into the river because it was almost dry. I had a great time paddling about and drinking the water. On our way home we stopped again at the Old Racecourse and I had a lovely run around off the lead. Another super day out.

Unfortunately a day or two later I started itching around my tummy and my armpits. I remember this happening before, when I’d been in the GowyRiver at home. There must be something in the water that doesn’t like me. Mummy put some hello-vera stuff on the red bits and it stopped itching almost at once. Of course I wouldn’t let her do it for long because it irritated so much, but I had two or three sessions of it. Then I heard Chris say something about a bath. Ugh.

Anyway another day came round and we shot off in the car again. And again I had no breakfast. We had a really long drive this time and it took me a while to wake up properly. Eventually we arrived and I was able to settle down in the shade, whilst my humans and their friends had breakfast. Notice they had breakfast before me. I did get some bits, but not nearly enough to satisfy my huge appetite. Mummy took me back to the car and gave me a bit of my breakfast, which they had brought with them. How kind. Problem was when all the other humans ate their breakfasts and I kept smelling sausage and bacon – most unfair. It was actually another of those days around aeroplanes, so I just sat and whinged quite a bit because Chris was out of sight a lot of the time. On the way home we stopped at a new place for a walk. There were lots of rabbit smells and other dog smells. One even followed me on my walk. He was a silly Retriever. I expect he wanted to play really, but I didn’t, so I shouted at him.

A really sunny day arrived and out came the buckets of water and my towels. Uh-uh, bath time is coming. I didn’t mind too much though because the water was nice and warm, and then I was able to lie in the sun to dry off. Mummy said I smelled really nice and felt really soft afterwards. That night we had a dreadful time with thunder and lightning that went on for hours. I don’t like it much, so didn’t get much sleep.  Since my bath mummy has trimmed my pants once again. That must mean its summertime. I must admit it does make me feel a bit cooler in the nether regions and a bit lighter.

A few nights later, it was really hot so Chris left me asleep in the garden. My door was left open so that I could go to my bed if I wanted. But I didn’t want to and stayed out all night. It was great!  In fact it was so good that I did the same thing all over again the next few nights. One night it was so hot that Chris stayed downstairs and slept by the open door!

That’s it for now, Byeee all.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie