July 2012


Hello everyone. It’s that time again already. How time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.

And I am, because (as you know we are house-hunting at the moment, to move to the country) and each time we go to look at a house I get long rides in the car and lots of new walks. It’s great! One time we went walking in amongst a lot of sheep which walked on the road and into peoples’ gardens! Mind you, I’m not a bit interested in sheep so I took no notice. I was more interested in all the lovely new smells.


Another time we walked along a lovely river and I had a little paddle and a drink in the cool clear water. Mummy said it would be a nice place to go for a picnic on a sunny day – the day we were there was grey and misty. However they didn’t like the house, so maybe we won’t go there again.


After one of our really long trips I didn’t want to get out of the car – even for my food (ha!), so Chris brought it to me to eat in the car. Spoilt? Nah!


Well, you can decide for yourselves . . . sometimes I don’t even bother to stand up to eat.




Recently we have had a young rabbit living in our garden. Mummy was a little bit miffed because it was eating the tops of her new plants. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find it and made a bit of a mess of the plants myself. One time I barged round behind the little greenhouse and damaged that too. Oops. Well, sometimes these things happen when you’re busy, don’t they? I’ve seen 6 frogs and 2 newts in the pond too; but it’s ok, I shan’t chase those – they’re a bit too wriggly for my liking.


You know that fancy weekend a while back? Well, I took mummy on two walks in the pouring rain and we both got absolutely soaked. Mummy was so wet that she had to change some of her clothes! I was alright though because my coat felt lovely and soft and clean once it was dry and mummy said I was all cuddly. Chris and mummy are fed up with the rain. Are you? And they were complaining about having to put on warm sweaters and the central-heating. Come to think of it I’m a bit tired of being dried every time I set foot outside. So, when I can, I run to my cushion to avoid it, but then mummy complains that my cushion gets wet.



Actually, I know I said that I was enjoying myself here, and I am a very happy boy, but sometimes it can be a bit boring. I do get lots of outings and to sit or play in the garden whenever I want and stuff like that. But when my humans are busy doing chores or worse – working at the table on those computer thingies – that’s really boring. Also if it’s raining I stay with them in the house a lot of the time. I huff and puff down my nose and eventually have a snooze to pass the time. Or, if I fidget and grumble a bit, one of them gives me a big cuddle, a brushing, or takes me out for a walk.





A while ago Chris took me for a FREE dental appointment at the vets, where I saw the nurse. She said my teeth were pretty good for my age except for a little brown stuff on a couple of my front teeth. Chris told her that I don’t like those Dentastix things (I gave mine away to Annie Spaniel), so she suggested something that looks like a big toothbrush but is edible (and green!). Well, I tried one of those and I thought it was pretty much the same stuff, although over time I’ve been chewing on it a little, but still have half of it left. So then I tried something that looks like a bone – that was great. I hope I get lots more of those. Whether it does my teeth any good I don’t know, because I tend not to chew with my front teeth. Anyway, whilst I was at the surgery the nurse also weighed me. And, oops, I’ve put on nearly 2 kilos since I’ve been living here and need to go on a dietNot sure I like the sound of that much, I rather like my food. Although mummy says Chris gives me far too much chicken.




Earlier I mentioned that I didn’t want to get out of the car when we got home from a long journey. Well, since then, I’ve done it quite a number of times!Even after a short journey, when I’m hoping for another really long one, I just refuse point blank to get out. I love it so much. So now I get left in there with my door open (if it’s not raining) and sometimes with a bit of a picnic. The only thing that gets me out now is the offer of another walk. Actually Chris caught me out one day by putting the lead on me and then walking into the house – Ha. Let’s see what happens if I’m still in there at a bedtime.




Talking of bedtime – after mummy had gone to bed one night I stayed with Chris for a while until it was time for me to go in the garden, you know. Well he called me, he whistled and called me again and I still didn’t come in, so he came down the garden . . . and found me fast asleep on my back, feet in the air, snoring!


One day when mummy had gone to visit auntie Elizabeth, I had taken my breakfast in the garden and then wandered back into the house to see where Chris was. We were sitting in the dining room looking through the windows when a little mouse scrambled into my bowl looking for the leftovers! (Yes, I do have leftovers sometimes).


We recently went to look at two more properties and had even more new walks. One was alongside a funny little canal blocked at both ends and known locally as the longest pond in Shropshire. It was full of lovely new smells and big tall yellow flowers that mummy said were called flags or something. We saw two big swans with five little grey babies and a brown mummy-duck with her babies, but one was white with a yellow beak – how did that happen? That day my humans stopped at an airfield place and had bacon and sausage and beans and stuff like that. Of course I had some too!


On a really nice day we went out for a trip in the car, as a break from house-hunting, to Parkgate again. We walked along the ‘sea’ wall passed the golf course and back along the old-railway track, which is a bit like the one near home but nicer. Then we drove a bit further along the coast to a place where my humans had lunch with me, sitting outside in the sun overlooking the beach. Except it’s not really a beach anymore because it’s overgrown. When the tide comes in boats can sail up almost to the restaurant!


Would you believe that the very next day was good too, but in a completely different way. After I took Chris for my morning walk we all had breakfast together in the garden. I’m a very sociable person because I like eating and drinking with my humans. Then I had a jolly good brush, which was lovely. My hair is still coming out by the bucket-load. My humans then decided to do some gardening whilst the weather was dry, and I thought boring. But, no, it wasn’t because I was given a lovely bone to play with, and the morning just flew by. We all had lunch together in the garden and then had a bit of a rest. When it was time for my afternoon walk Chris took me in the car to the ‘park’ at Mickle Trafford. I bet you’ll never guess who I played with there. It was a cousin – Tilly Newfie! She’d just had a dreadful haircut and was nearly bald, but I could see that she was really black, not bronze like some of my hair. That reminds me – mummy trimmed my pants last week. She cut off some of the grey tatty hair near my backside so that I would feel a bit cooler. And now the silky bronze hair is showing from underneath.


Did you know – there’s a cockerel living somewhere near here who can’t tell the time? He cockadoodles at all silly times during the night, like half-one and three o’clock and then again in the afternoon. It’s a right pain.


One day, I was sitting in the front garden minding mummy whilst she did a bit of gardening, when along came Henry Black-Lab with his human. Henry is the same age as me and is quite podgy, although to be fair he is big-boned like myself. I was a bit grumbly towards him, probably because I’d never met him before. And, whilst mummy and his human were chatting over the gate, Max and Molly Choc-Labs turned up too. When she wags her tail Molly’s whole body wriggles like a worm. All of a sudden she poked her face through the gate and kissed me on the nose! Well, I was so taken by surprise I just sat there gob-smacked. The little hussy – but she is rather a sweetie.


On a nice sunny afternoon we drove to Delamere Forest for a lovely walk amongst the trees and we ended up by a lake. By this time I was thirsty and, although I was told not to go in the water, I did try to get a drink and . . . yes, you’ve guessed . . . I slipped in. Up to my earlobes I was. Oh lore, not again. It didn’t seem to be particularly smelly, just a bit mucky at the bottom, so I think I got off ok this time. Near the lake we met 2 little Terrier things, a very quiet Whippet and a very happy whiskery Lurcher, who had also been in the lake. Mummy liked the Lurcher and wanted to take her home with us. Whilst we were having a little rest a German Pointer passed by with hardly any spots, and a Jack Russell puppy who came right up to my nose. Mummy said he was very brave (stupid she meant) to come so close to me. Then, blow me, when we were all having bacon sandwiches for lunch 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks appeared. Anyway, before that, I had wanted to chase a scruffy fox into the trees but Chris wouldn’t let me. Meanie.


I was so thirsty after all my charging about that I drank loads and loads of water, emptying 2 big bottles. So, thinking that I might need a wee before we drove home, we went to another part of the Forest for another walk. That was much quieter. We didn’t meet any dogs at all, just two nice horses with their humans sitting on them! How funny is that?


Whilst mummy was at aunty Elizabeth’s the other day, Chris and I were playing in the garden with my stick and I spun round too quickly and twisted my leg. It was quite painful and so I was confined to barracks with light duties for a few days till it settled down a bit. I’ve been going for a very short walk just twice a day – ONLY TWO LITTLE WALKS! Hmph. Now that’s really boring. Poor do, that. Over a few days my walks increased in length and sometimes I’d get 2 and sometimes 3, but as yet I’m not up to full strength. I’m not able to go upstairs yet, although after a week I could get in the car.


I’ve not told you about my very own personal door to the garden have I? By my cushion in the dining room there’s a sort of door with windows in it that I can see the garden through, if you see what I mean. Mummy says it’s French, but I’m not sure what that means. Anyway that doesn’t matter because when it’s open I can just step out into the garden without going round through the kitchen. It’s brill.


For the first nice day in ages I spent most of the day in the garden with a new bone that mummy had got especially for me as a surprise present. Isn’t she nice!


Well, I seem to have chatted on for such a long time, I’ll try and finish before the next page. But I must just show you a picture that mummy took . . .


Anyway I hope you’re all enjoying your walkies as much as I am was.




Bye for now,


Alfie xxx