January 2017

The next time we went to Colemere we met Wilfred just finishing his walk. He’s only a youngster so he can manage to walk and run all the way round the lake. It’s much too far for me. Wilfred was covered in mud and badly needed a bath. He is a very long-haired Bearded Collie and his coat is a wheaten colour normally. On this day he was almost black. At other times at Colemere we’ve met a Vizla girl charging up and down like a mad thing and a Collie dashing through the trees. One day we met a miniature Schnauzer. He was only a puppy and his ears seemed too big for his body, but I suppose he’ll grow into them one day. Sometimes when we go there are little boats sailing on the water. And one day when it was very windy we saw one of them tip up and dump it’s sailor in the freezing cold water!

That very same evening my humans discovered three live wasps in the living room. And a couple of days later they found two more! Needless to say they were dispatched forthwith. I’m not very keen on buzzy things.

About a week later I had to go to the vets unexpectedly, because I had a nasty sore in my mouth. The vet said some very strange words that I didn’t understand, but she didn’t sound very happy. She said I had to go and be put to sleep, so that she could do some tests without me knowing about it. What she really meant was – so that I wouldn’t bite her hand off whilst she had a look! Also she suggested she’d give my teeth a bit of a clean, as long as I wasn’t under the anaesth . . , humph, . . .so long as I wasn’t asleep for too long. Apparently It’s not good for me at my age. So a few days later I spent a long day at the vets. And, do you know what, I wasn’t allowed any breakfast! So I was starving all day. And as soon as I got home I was ready for my tea, although the nurse had said not to worry if I didn’t feel like eating. Not feel like eating – never! When my humans came to collect me I was a bit drowsy and couldn’t walk properly, my legs kept giving way. I slept most of the night and was hungry for my breakfast. But all day my mouth was sore even though I’d had some tablets for it. I didn’t know what to do with myself; I was wandering about aimlessly and couldn’t settle.

A few days later mummy and I were just coming out of the field when a lady stopped her car and said we were not to go in the field because it was detrimental to their cattle. Pah! What cattle?! Mummy said she wished she’d thought of that before the car drove off. That means we may have to walk along the road again in all the traffic. Ugh. Anyway, Chris checked on the computer thingy and said that we were quite within our legal rights to walk in the field, I just had to be on a lead if there were any livestock in there. So that was ok wasn’t it.

A couple of days later I had a telephone message from the vet to say that I was fine – no nasty diseases, just a bit of infection. So to keep taking the meds until finished. Soon I was back to my normal self and managed another walk round the lake at Dearnford!