January 2016

Hello there,

It’s me again, with more news.

Well, to begin with we didn’t move last Friday, as expected, nor the Friday after. Hmm. Chris and mummy were not best pleased. The piles of boxes had been getting bigger every day and it had become like living in a storage depot. I didn’t like it much myself. My indoor ‘play room’ was half its original size and my squeakies kept rebounding round the room . . . although that bit was good fun, but I had to spin round so quickly that I sometimes fell over. Mummy calls that a plop.

Any road, we did move out on the next Monday, but we moved into a caravan like the one we stayed in at Shobdon last year! My humans said we were on a little holiday, so I don’t know where all the boxes and furniture went. Perhaps they were on holiday somewhere else.

It was quite cold to start with, then it poured with rain, and then it went cold again. However, I managed to avoid getting wet most of the time. The caravan place had lots of little pens dotted around the site with different animals in them. The one nearest to us had two pigmy goats in it, which made a silly noise when they saw us. There were two large black pigs, two spotted pigs and lots of llamaramas in different colours. At night time there were lots of owls hooting to each other.

We found a café in town where I was allowed inside, which we visited a couple of times. So I’m getting about already and making myself known. I registered with my new vet and got weighed – still under 40kilos, please note.

OH MY DOG!  We’re IN.  I love the garden – it’s much bigger than my old one, but at the moment I don’t wander far from the back door. I sit there so that I don’t miss anyone disappearing. There’s a huge field at the back and sides of the house and I’ve walked in there a few times already. But after a few days a farmer came and pegged out some of that nasty fencing that bites your leg if you touch it. He said he was going to put some sheep in there for a little while. Bother! That was a safe route to the nearby lane, so that we could avoid the traffic. Eh, come to think of it, I thought we’d moved here to get away from the traffic . . . better not mention it to mum then.

Lots of love, Alfie xxx.