January 2014

Hello everyone, It’s me once again.

As you can tell mummy’s computer has been mended now, so I can let you know what’s been happening here in Chester.

On Christmas Day I had some chocs from Annie Spaniel, but I hadn’t given her anything – didn’t know I was meant to. We went for a lovely walk in DelamereForest, especially for me. It was great. There weren’t too many people about and I didn’t see a single squirrel to chase. The next day we went along the canal behind the zoo and could hear the Ring-tailed Lemurs calling out loud.

Do you remember last month when I said we’d been down to Tower Wharf to see the flood waters? Well we’ve been again. We managed to walk along the riverbank, but the water was very high. Although it flooded the playground and overflowed into the canal again, it was not high enough for the canal to flood like last time. We saw Derek from the Cake Fairy and he had come to check that sand bags had been put against the shop door and to see the height of the water. He’d made a lovely pudding for my humans, but I didn’t get any, although I did get some custard stuff.
Alfie in the floods 2

R Dee Floods


Have I ever told you about mummy’s other dogs? I know I’ve mentioned Jakie a few times; he was here before me, but her other dogs were a long time ago. Her first dog had belonged to a neighbour, when mummy was still at school. This woman was going to have a baby and didn’t want to keep Curly Mongrel as well, so mummy’s humans took him on. Sometimes he would sit on the doorstep outside their shop and watch the world go by, or take himself off for a run with his chums in the nearby park. When they moved house he had to live indoors all day and didn’t like it very much.

Some years later she had Weaver Labrador who was a lazy boy. Unfortunately he didn’t live very long; he jumped out of the back of the car and got run over. Then came Homer Labrador, who was joined for a short while by Treacle Pointer-X. Treacle was a puppy and bit Homer’s naughty bits, so she went off to a retired farmer. Then along came Shani Labrador at about 10 months old. She and her former house-mate, a cat, used to steal food and duck eggs and stuff. Homer and Shani often went to the nearby River Wye to play, especially in the summer when the water level was low. But Shani didn’t like water, so she just pootled along the bank looking for rubbish to eat, while Homer crashed through the water looking for stones.

After quite some years Purdey Black-Lab came along. She was a young puppy and wrecked the place. She would chew curtains, chew through cables and doors, and threw things about, including house-plants. So she moved to Granddad’s house to rule over all. Finally Jake Collie x Alsatian arrived from a rescue place near Liverpool. When he first came here he went to work in the van with Chris. Apparently he used to escape from this garden (through the hedge) and would get onto the nearby railway line. It worried mummy a lot. He had lots of walks, days out and holidays until he was about 12.  And then there was me!

I like to play a lot as you know. Mummy thinks I’d be good at Fly-ball, but there isn’t a club round here for us to go to; and Chris thinks I wouldn’t get on with the other dogs. Thanks a bunch. Anyway we’ve no sooner started to play when I dive back in my bed and rootle about for the biscuits I’ve stashed away. Then I’m told I can’t play if I’m eating biscuits. Not fair. Anyway, as I was about to tell you, one time we were all playing on the living room floor. Chris asked me to sit, so I did of course – right onto mummy’s face. Ouch! She said her nose hurt and her neck hurt, because they both went crick under my 5-stone weight!  A few days later she accidentally got her own back when she threw Squeaky and he hit me smack behind the ear. Did you know, as soon as I’ve eaten my breakfast I want to play, but I’m not allowed to. I have to wait for brekky to go down, by which time I want to go out again for another walk.

One morning I was out with mummy and I found some rabbit droppings, which I started licking – oops. I got told off for that. Another morning I was out with Chris and I took him all over the place. We were gone for ages. Mummy thought we’d gone AWOL we were away so long. By the time we got home she’d eaten her breakfast because she couldn’t wait any longer. Normally we all eat together, except at teatime when I’m starving long before they are ready for theirs.

WOW!  I thought I would just let you know that I’ve had some lovely salmon as part of my ‘seconds’ at teatime. It was really tasty. More please.

Oh silly me! I was playing chase Squeaky with Chris and mummy, on the living room floor. I ran so fast I had to do a long skid along the carpet to stop myself. The trouble was I didn’t stop soon enough and crashed headlong into the radiator, almost knocking myself out. I was stunned for quite a few minutes and had to lie down to recover. But I was ok after a little while and asking to play again. You see, if my humans would play with me outside in the garden as I wanted to do, I wouldn’t have hurt myself would I?

Oops, I messed up again on my morning walk with mummy. I snarled with horrible teeth at my friend Maddie Boxer. She took no notice but mummy wasn’t too pleased with me.

Oh dear, I had to go to see the Vet man today. I’ve had a bit of an upset tummy lately – mummy calls it the squits, which sounds funny but I expect you’ll know what she means. I had to have a jab in my neck and tablets. I was also weighed again – 39½ kgs, so not too bad considering I’m eating like a hungry dog. Anyway I was back to normal after a couple of days. Mummy says why can’t  they make humans better that quickly.

Last week was Chris’s birthday and we went to Delamere Forest for a lovely walk. It’s mummy’s next week. I wonder what we’ll do then.

I had planned on not writing so much this year, but never mind. Speak to you again soon.

Bye everyone.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie