February 2017

You’re not going to believe this . . .

Chris came looking for me in the garden one morning to take me for my walk. He searched everywhere and found me collapsed under a tree. I couldn’t move. He went into the house to fetch mummy, who was still in bed. She came out to me in just her dressing gown and slippers! After a while of coaxing I managed to get up, but couldn’t walk properly. My head was bent to one side and I kept going round in circles, then I flopped onto the ground. Eventually my humans managed to steer me to my bed in the conservatory, where I lay being cuddled by them both. Soon the vet was called, but there was no-one available to come and see me. So Chris drove the car across the garden and up to the conservatory door! Then my humans had to wrap me a blanket to lift me into the car! Mummy sat near me whilst Chris rushed us to the vets. We had to wait while the other dogs and cats were seen to, and then my humans, the vet and a nurse helped to carry me inside and put me on the floor. But first I had to have a muzzle put on, just in case I felt like biting someone, you know. The lady vet stuck a thingy up my bottom to take my temperature, which was fairly normal, and she checked my heart again and my tummy. Then she looked in my ear and I wet myself, but nobody minded. The vet gave me TWO injections and some tablets to take and then four of them carried me back to the car. Phew. The outcome was that I may have had a stroke or I may have a bad inner ear imbalance possibly caused by the anaesthetic I’d had for my operation. Only time would tell if I got better. I managed to sleep all afternoon wrapped in one of my blankets, being watched over by one or other of my humans. I woke up for a little drink and then went straight back to sleep again.

The next morning I was supposed to go back to the vets, but I felt a tiny bit better so slept in the sun in the garden for quite a while. I’d managed to stagger out there myself with Chris’s help. I didn’t want anything to eat but I had managed a little water and my tablet. It got really cold later so Chris lit the fire and I managed to stagger into the living room and lay on my bed in the warmth. Sometime in the night I got up and moved across the room, which is where mummy found me in the morning. I had a drink and managed my tablet wrapped in cheese, but didn’t want to eat anything still. Eventually I managed to get up and stagger into the garden for a lie in the late sun for a little while.

That night my humans were so worried about me that they both slept with me in those bag things, which then worried me. In the morning I went into the garden 3 times for a little stagger and a wee. Still didn’t feel like eating anything. However I did have a little play with Robin for a bit. At lunchtime a vet man and lady came especially to see me. Wow! He looked in my eyes and ears, checked my heart and finished by sticking two more needles in my neck. Luckily for them they had brought a muzzle for me to wear, and I made sure I let them know I wasn’t happy with them messing with me by showing off my clean teeth! After they’d gone I fell asleep for the rest of the day.

Next morning I still felt sleepy, but managed to nip into the garden for a wee and came back in under my own steam. I had a drink and then went and lay in the living room for a while. I toyed with squeaky for a moment or two and then had a rest. At teatime I managed to eat a little bit, but not much. And the vet had said I should be eating by now. In the morning Chris spoke to the vet man again and said I was eating hardly anything, so he said he would order some special tablets for me and we had to collect them the next morning, which would be a week that I had been poorly and not eaten.

On Friday morning mummy was to go to the vets to pick up some more meddie for me, But before she went I ate a tin of tuna and enjoyed it. And later, while she was out, I had some more to eat and went for a wander round the garden!! It was really cold and windy, but I didn’t mind, it was lovely. By the next morning I had eaten more food, although still not nearly as much as I would normally. I was also getting very stiff with all the lying down and didn’t want to make the effort to get up to go outside. A couple of times Chris dragged my bed with me still on it, across the room to the door. That was great fun! In fact I was beginning to get really bored with nothing to do. Well, to be honest, I didn’t have the energy to do much. After a week without food I was feeling jolly feeble.

My humans were getting worried too. They offered me all my favourite foods and I just turned away. Didn’t want any of them. Thanks very much. I did enjoy some new stuff though; I think it was called corned beef. And did actually enjoy some tuna which I hadn’t had for ages. I also had a wobbly stroll in the garden in the sunshine. So I was getting better slowly.

About 10 days after I was taken poorly – I went for a little walk in the field!! Wow, it was great. I must have been feeling a bit better, although I was still quite wobbly. And then I had two tins of tuna for my brekkie. Next morning I decided to have a shorter walk because I think I overdid it a bit yesterday. You know how you do when you feel a bit better. But I had a good pile of brekkie, then at lunchtime I had another lot plus some bacon, because Chris and mummy had bacon sandwiches especially so that I could have some!

As soon as I started my new tablets I was starving all the time even though I was eating like a dog possessed. I couldn’t get enough of the stuff. I was only allowed one tablet a day, in the morning. They actually made me feel a bit squiffy. Instead of walking round in circles I was walking crabwise. At least that didn’t make me feel quite so dizzy. But I seemed to be panting a lot more. And by bedtime I was a bit hyper and couldn’t settle. My humans sat in the dark with the light off to encourage me to rest, but I couldn’t, and kept wanting to drink all the time. One night I’d had so much to drink that I wet the carpet. I just couldn’t help it. I’d managed to get mummy out of bed, but it was all a bit too late. I messed my pants a few nights too. Must be all the food.

After a few days of all this panting and being wound up my tablets were reduced and it did improve things a little bit, but not fantastically so. And I had stay on the tablets until they were finished.

The days seemed to drag on with not much happening. It just seemed a round of eating, drinking and wandering round the garden. Although one day I had a trip out in the car and had a little stroll along the canal for a few minutes in the sunshine. That was great and it cheered me up no end. As the days wore on I was gradually getting better, but very slowly. I just had one walk in the field each morning and managed to walk a little bit farther sometimes. I was eating quite well by then but still being fussy in what I had. I seemed to be given food whenever I asked for something to eat! One time I saw some of my sweets on the side table and tried to pinch the packet because I thought no-one was looking. But then I decided not to, just in case I got found out.