February 2016

Hello everyone,

I’m settling in quite nicely in my new home and my routine is still the same, so nothing to worry about there. Mummy had said that things would change once we were in here, but so far they haven’t.  Although we have been all over the place on different errands for things for the house – and not always with much success by the sounds of it. I think there is a lot more work to do here than my humans expected. They thought they could just walk in here and put their feet up – ha-ha!  First job was to put a sign up on the gate to say that I lived here. But I don’t go to the gate, I like to stay where I can see what my humans are up to.

I’ve met some new friends already. There’s a lively Collie just up the road. I don’t know his name yet, but he leaps up onto the garden wall when we go past. And a few times I’ve met two Bearded Collies; twelve and half year old Fendi and puppy Wilfred with their humans. AND I’ve been in the pub with Chris lots of times already, and sat by a log fire! Everyone says how wonderful I am, until Chris tells them I can be a grumpy person, which I don’t think is fair. They should be allowed to find out for themselves!

One morning we paid a visit to our nearest coffee house. I wasn’t allowed inside but I could sit out on the balcony, which overlooked a double-moat. Mum says it is the only one remaining in Shropshire, and is exactly what it says – one moat inside another!

A few days later I was left at home for two whole hours on my own. That’s the first time in this house, but I was ok. Then a short time later Chris went out in the car again. I thought mummy had gone too, but she knocked on the window and called to me, so I didn’t mind then. Not long after she came out into the garden to do some work, whilst I sat watching the gate for Chris to come back. She said there were some pretty little birds, in one of the trees, called long-tail tits or something like that. Mum puts food out for the birds here too; I think she’s hoping we’ll get some different ones in the garden. We’ve heard geese quite often and pheasants and woodpeckers so far. And one day we had a great spotted woodpecker on the fruity fat block hanging in a tree.

Chris and his friend Neil started to cut some of the trees the other day, which are horrible tall green things.

You’ll never guess – the very next morning, when we were having breakfast, we watched as the sheep in the next field chased a fox away!  I wasn’t expecting that.

Have I mentioned that I get a massage every night?  It’s much nicer than a brush; and I don’t seem to get those very often now – that’s good!  I also received some of my very own post. In fact it was a little parcel with my new name tag inside. On one side it said Alfie and on the other side was my telephone number. Of course I don’t have my own telephone, but you know what I mean.

We’ve had quite a few strange people coming and going since we arrived here, which worried me a bit. I don’t like them coming into my house, although the one who has been here this week smelt a little bit like a Labrador, so he was ok. Anyway they’ve gone away again now, but I’m told there will be more.

Me in my garden . . .       num6

My new neighbours . . .  num19


Must get my tea. Byee, Alfie xxx.