February 2015

Hi there,

Eeh-by-gum it’s been a bit parky lately hasn’t it? Sometimes the wind blows right up my . . . I mean, it blows my fur about a lot, because it is so long in places. Then it gets really knotted and I hate being brushed, because the brush pulls the knots and it hurts. Mummy does say sorry but it still hurts, so I get up and run away. She says it’ll be even worse next time, but she’s got to catch me first. Ha.

She also apologises because she seems to have lost some of this blog. I think she’s forgotten to do it really. But I can remember some bits. So here goes.


Well, firstly I should tell you about the afternoon they left me on my own for hours. They said they would be back in time for my tea. But I thought I wasn’t going to get any tea at all because they were so late back and it had been dark for ages. To make up for it I was given some real fish with my kibble. Do you know where they had been? Mummy said it was her aunty Phyl’s 100th birthday party. Now that is old – even older than me.

A week or two back we went to a new place for a walk. We had to stop to ask the way because we had no idea of where we were going. Any road, we found it in the end and it was lovely for a change. There were lots of new smells and just a few other dogs about – mostly off the lead (I was on the lead). One came right up to me and he looked at me in a horrible way. I thought he was going to be nasty so I got in there first with a rude growl.  That showed him.

The next day we went to a different part of the canal and saw quite a few boats pootling along. We had to go by car as it was quite a way from home. It was even further than my humans expected because they missed the turning and ended up miles away from where they wanted to be.

We’ve also been to Delamere again, up the big hill to the top where you can see forever. It was jolly windy up there too.

I’ve seen Millie Spaniel a few times lately and I think she’s forgotten all about being frightened of me, because she doesn’t squeal at me any more. Amazing.

You know Chris takes Granddad shopping on a Tuesday. Well one day he said to me that he was taking him shopping and would be back soon. I was ready waiting at the living room door around mid-morning. But, he wasn’t. Back soon I mean. He didn’t come home until it was nearly time for him to make my tea. So he made it early for me, to cheer me up. Of course he hadn’t been shopping either, had he? Because next day he went out again – shopping with granddad. Mm?

Actually I’ve been a bit busy these past few days, so I’ll bring you up to date and then finish this blog.

First off we went to buy my sweets (yes, I know I’m on a diet, but I am a good boy and so I get rewards). Then went carried on to Farndon, by the river, but it was too wet down there. We found a footpath by some fields, so I had a lovely run round. I did get another walk later, but I can’t remember where it was. Oh yes, mum’s just said that we had a walk by the river in Chester. We walked along both sides and had to cross over the river on a funny bridge. Then we had a little walk in the park too.

The very next day we went all the way to almost the other end of Anglesey, and it was nice and sunny. It meant me sitting in the back of the car for quite a long time, but it’s worth it to go on some different walks. My humans stopped for a quick coffee break, and to let me have a widdle, at a place with a very long name – Llan -something. Then we went for a good walk by a reservoir place and, because there was hardly anyone about, I was able to have a run off the lead again. Then the humans went driving round for a bit looking at houses and stuff, but only from the outside. They looked at one that was just a short walk from a beach!  I had a run there but it wasn’t a very nice sandy beach like the ones we usually go to.  Later we stopped for lunch and I had another walk by the dunes. I’ve been there lots of times. There’s always good smells. Did you know they sometimes have cows on there? Then we went looking for a place but never found it. So we set off back home. It was getting very close to my tea time. Mummy explained that when the days get longer we might be home late if we’ve been out for the day, which would mean my tea being really late, unless I took something with me – like a picnic or something. Anyway on this occasion I was treated to another real fish, so that I wouldn’t have to wait for my chicken to be cooked. Mmm!

And the next day we had to go to that shop, with the funny name, that sells allsorts of useful things. So I had a walk in a new park that has been made near the hospital. It was full of lots of smells and people with dogs. And wildlife areas. There was even a field for me to run about in.

I’m afraid that will have to do you for now.


Alfie xxx.