February 2014

Hello everyone,

Well, today it’s raining, raining, raining and I’m bored stiff. I just want to get out there and do something; anything, this is driving me mad. I just huff and puff and my humans will play for a bit, but then give up because they’re bored too. Don’t get me wrong, I always get my walks but my humans don’t enjoy being out in the soggy wet stuff. And I have to be dried with about four towels, before I’m allowed on my cushion.

The next day got off to a brighter start, so for my second walk of the day we went up to Delamere Forest again. This was in a different area from where we’ve been before. It’s such a big forest that you can always find new places to see. Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that we only just got back to the car in time, before we had a tremendous hail storm with thunder & lightning and everywhere was white. Gosh that was so lucky. The very next day it was windy and pouring with rain again – and I got soaked to the skin twice! Yuk.

We didn’t do anything special on mummy’s birthday because it was raining again. But the next day was a bit better so I took the humans for a walk on the canal near Christleton and didn’t see one other dog to annoy. That was good because I could stay off the lead, except for when I nearly walked into a boggy bit. Afterwards I looked after the car, as usual, whilst my humans went for lunch.

One day we went to do my shopping again. It soon comes round you know. I suppose that’s because I eat such a lot. I bet you were glad for me to leave really, because I ate for two. In fact after all this time do you still remember me? I know aunty Liz does.

Did I ever tell you about the funny things my humans have seen when they’ve been out and about?   How about these . . . ?

Biker DOG

Dog in a Motorcycle Side-car


Bear Cheek

        Teddy Bears in an Aeroplane


Mummy said to tell you about the lovely day out we had last week. We went to the beach! It was really windy and playing with Squeaky was funny because he got blown about by the wind. I was off the lead all the time and chased him about and carried him quite a bit of the time. Adam Hanson on the TV said that Collies don’t really play with balls – well I do, and it’s great fun. After my humans had a sandwich we went for another walk along another old railway track. I was off the lead there too for most of the time. We had a great day out. It was lucky that we picked that day because the rest of the week was wet and horrible again.

Phew, golly I’m puffed. Just been having a play with squeaky and my humans in the living room. It’s pouring with rain outside so I’m not allowed in the garden. It’s passed my lunchtime really, so Chris has just nipped into the kitchen to get my biscuits. I wonder what he’ll put on them today. I had a little bit of ham and cheese yesterday. Yummy!

Well, what a to-do. We got up one morning, after the gales, and found the greenhouse had collapsed and some of the plant pots had broken. It was so windy that we were nearly blown away and mummy had to hold on to her woolly hat. After breakfast we set-to to tidy up the mess. I was the supervisor and made sure they did everything properly. Later on we went for a walk in Delamere Forest and I lost count of the number of trees we had to scramble over or round because they had fallen down in the high winds. There were at least more than six.

We don’t seem to have many nice-weather days lately, do we? But when we do we tend to make the most of them. SO – first, we went for a ride in the car to look at a couple of houses for mummy. One was ok, but the other one was opposite a big pylon thingy, so that was crossed off the list. Then we went through a village I recognised, called Wem, and I knew straight away that we were heading for the airfield, so I shouted with excitement, because that meant that there might be a chance of me having a bit of sausage & bacon for lunch. Mummy took me for two walks whilst we were there, and then on the way home I had a long walk along a disused canal that I’d been to before, a long time ago. There was water and things but no boats were allowed, until we reached a place called a marina, where there were lots of them. By the time we were home and I’d had my tea I was ready for bed.

A bit like tonight really. I’m feeling a bit fed up, so Chris is going to give a cuddle before I go to sleep.

Night-night everyone.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie