February 2012

 Hello Everyone, Alfie here once more with my news and pictures, just in case you had forgotten me.

I’m just waiting for Chris to do my tea (he always says ‘in a minute mate’ when he doesn’t really mean that at all.  And I’m starving.  Mummy has taken me on 2 good walks today, and this afternoon I was off the lead when we were on the cycle track and she says I was ever such a good boy. Yipee!  Luckily we only saw one dog, a puppy Husky, and his human was riding a bicycle. I don’t think my humans would dare do that with me – they’d fall off.  And mummy says that she has already fallen off her bike into the canal once, and doesn’t want THAT again.

I’ve had quite a few new walks lately. One freezing cold day we walked along the river bank to the racecourse. On Chris’s birthday we walked along a section of old railway track that even my humans hadn’t been to before. It was bitterly cold but the sun was shining brightly and I loved racing ahead.  Then I looked after the car whilst they went for lunch and then on the way home I had another walk along a different section of the river.  By the time I’d had a rest and my tea I was exhausted.

I have recently been to a place called Shropshire and walked different sections of the canal. And sometimes we walk different parts of the canal not far from where I live. Yes – that one – that I fell in on my first visit!

I’ve also been to a place on the river Dee estuary called Parkgate, where it used to be a famous port but has silted up in more recent times. You can still see some of the sandstone quays. Mummy says to tell you that Nelson and Lady Hamilton used to meet there!

We go for walks along the local cycle-track quite often if the humans don’t want to take the car. It takes about an hour to walk a circuit from here.  It’s really good because I try to chase the squirrels and the pigeons. One afternoon I tried to chase a squirrel up a tree and hurt my leg a bit.  And on another day I spied some juicy fat rabbits in a field and wanted to go after them, nearly taking mummy’s arm off in the process. Ha!

One day over the Christmas holidays mummy took me to aunty Sandy’s ‘park’ and she didn’t clip the lead onto my collar properly and within minutes my new dog-tag had fallen off. We searched for it for ages in the grass but never found it.  Silly mummy.

 On their bed

  OH YES, I soon made it onto the bed!!  In fact Chris invited me – much to mummy’s disgust.  I don’t always sleep there. In the mornings, when I’ve paid a quick visit to the garden, I charge upstairs for an hour’s extra sleep snuggled up between them whilst they waste time drinking tea when we could be going for a walk.  One day I had an upset tummy and took myself upstairs for the afternoon to rest on their bed. Oh such bliss, so comfy and so much more space for me to stretch my legs out. Hhmmm.  Since then I often sneak up there for a rest after my breakfast.

I don’t go out every night. But I often kid them that I need the loo and refuse to go in the garden. I shout at them until they take me out! So I know how to get what I want.  One night I was out in the dark and being a bit silly on the lead when mummy tripped on some rough tarmac and ripped her trousers and badly grazed her knee. As soon as she called to me I ran back to her to see if she was alright and found blood running down her leg. But she was very brave and carried on with our walk.

A few weeks ago we went to Anglesey to one of mummy’s favourite places there – The Warren. We walked for ages and ages to get down to the beach in a howling gale which blew the sand into my face.  It was so windy that the sea had turned to froth. It was so exciting, but I wouldn’t go in for a paddle.  Instead, I went a bit wild and jumped on another dog.  Mummy was so cross.

 Alfie in snow 2

     Me in the snow!

  Any way I must say cheerio for now ‘cos my tea’s ready, at last. Yum.


Alfie x