December 2016

It’s been really frosty in the mornings lately and look what happened to me . . . I’ve melted!

I had to go to the vets one day, to pay them lots of money, I mean for my 6 monthly check-up. Although my feet are sore, I didn’t need to have my nails clipped (she didn’t really fancy doing them anyway!). My heart is fine; so are my eyes and ears, although I don’t hear so well these days. And I had to be weighed because my humans thought I had put on weight, but I was still under 40kg. So all ok for another 6 months.

They forgot to tell the vet that I’ve been ‘unwell’ a few times during the night lately, and my humans have a bit of cleaning up to do before breakfast. I can’t help it though, so I don’t get told off. But they’re talking about taking up the carpet in the conservatory and tiling the floor. I have a lot of trouble on slippery floors – I can’t get up because my feet just slide away from me. Chris thinks it’s because my tummy gets cold with me lying down outside such a lot, even when it’s freezing cold – I just love it !

One morning I had my usual walk with mummy, followed by my brekkie. Chris still hadn’t got up by then because he was poorly. When she went in their room to see if he wanted anything she saw a load of sheep in the field, when they hadn’t been there earlier. She soon realized that they must have escaped from somewhere else. There are three openings onto the busy road from this field and not a gate between them, nor was there any electric fencing. So they shouldn’t have been there at all. She ran down the road towards the nearest neighbour and saw to her amazement that the sheep were just about to escape onto the road. But just at that moment a car came along effectively shooing the sheep back into the field out of harms way! Gasping for breath as she reached the house, mummy managed to call out attracting the attention of the lady in the kitchen, who said she would tell her husband. They didn’t own the sheep but they did own the land from which the sheep had escaped. Phew! Eventually the sheep were herded up into a truck. What an exciting morning for a change. But for days after they kept on escaping even though the farmer said he’d blocked their escape route!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we went to visit some of the relations one day and auntie Sandie gave me a squeaky Robin for a present. A week later it was still in one piece, much to everyone’s amazement.

One day we went out in the car and I had two walks! The first was at a place I’d been to before, something to do with a battle. The cafe there was very busy, so we didn’t stay for a drink. Later on we went to some sort of woods for another walk. Then of course I had my evening walk after tea, so I had four altogether that day!