December 2015

Hello Everyone,

I had a bit of an accident this morning. Mummy was doing the carpet right by my door whilst I was outside. Chris called me in by squeaking Mr Squeaky, so I charged in through the door, tripping over those wires that stick in the wall. The next thing was a lamp crashing to the floor and its light went out. Mummy said “Let’s blame Chris for that bad timing shall we?”   I ran back out to the garden to keep well away.

Hey – I got shut out in the rain one night.  I like being outside as much as I can, although I usually come in if it starts raining. After my lovely big tea tonight I kept asking to go outside; then wanting to come in again. Mummy said it was cold with my door left open a bit, so Chris shut it the next time I went out and told me to bark if I wanted to come in again. After a while apparently mummy said that it might be raining, so she opened the door to find me waiting outside to come in. Of course it was dark so they couldn’t see that I was there. And, yes, I was wet. Anyway I kept being a nuisance wanting to go out and come in so often that they got fed-up with me and made me stay inside until it was time for my evening walk.

You’ll never guess – I had two breakfasts today. Chris fed me steak from a pie (wow!) before he went out and then mummy fed me some salmon when she had her breakfast.  Ha-ha!

Have you ever noticed – these humans hardly ever mean what they say, do they? We’d been out for a bit, and when we came back they had lunch and went to work on their computer thingies.  I, as usual, went in the garden even though it was a miserably grey day.  After a bit, Chris gave my bedding a shake, because it was dusty to say the least. Could have done with a good wash if you ask me.  Anyway, Chris said, and I distinctly heard him say it, after asking me to come inside, that we would have a play in a minute. Well, I don’t know how long a minute is, but it must be less than half an hour, I think.  It seemed ages before we actually played with my three squeakies. It’s great fun chasing them and trying to catch one with one already in my mouth – I haven’t actually managed that yet. Even though I’ve got a big mouth, I can only hold one at a time. Except when mummy managed to put two in my mouth and I pranced round the room like a puppy.


And another thing; It’s ok for me to go for a walk in the rain and get all wet, but if I want to sit in the garden in the rain I’m not allowed to. I get told to come in or even stay in if it’s already raining. What’s that all about? It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.  Humans are funny.

Oh, guess what – we’ve had a card from Maximilian Newfie-Collie with a picture of him on the front. His legs are spotted just like mine, but he looks less like me than I do.

I don’t know why but I had to buy Annie Spaniel a present one day and mummy wrapped it up in some fancy paper. Then another day we walked all the way to her house and left it for her. On the way – do you remember Kelsie and his mummy, a Scottish lady who rides a bicycle? Well, we met her and she didn’t have Kelsie with her. She had a new dog. She was a Newfoundland x Labrador called Shelley. (There’s a lot of us about isn’t there?) She was lovely, except that I grumbled at her to start with, but we walked along the road together quietly until we met another dog. She was called Izzy Terrier and was a noisy puppy. So, because she was barking I started barking. Shelley stood there quietly taking not a bit of notice. She obviously knew Izzy because she walked with her and ignored me after that

My present from Annie Spaniel was a squeaky animal and Chris decided to call him Rabbit, although I don’t think he looks much like any rabbit I’ve ever chased. I’ve enjoyed playing with him. Amazingly he’s still in one piece and still has his squeak. Mummy keeps checking him to make sure I haven’t chewed his leg off!  My present to Annie was a rope thing to be thrown for her to fetch.

You know I’m quite partial to bit of cheese – well, the day after I’d opened my present (actually mummy opened it, because I didn’t know what it was) I was given goats’ cheese with my biscuits for lunch. It was yummy.

Did you know – we might be moving soon (it’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it?). My humans hope to move to a little house in the country surrounded by fields. Apparently it has a big garden for me to play in too. They’ve been wrapping things and putting them in boxes and I’ve been getting a bit worried about it all.  There’s getting more and more boxes and less and less floor for me to play on. I hope there is room for me too, but not in a box of course. Every time Chris goes out of the house I worry that he’s not coming back.

One morning it was so windy mummy and I nearly got blown away. Luckily we just got home before it rained. And the very next day it was frosty and she skidded, but didn’t fall over this time. Later in the day we went to granddad’s again; we’d only been a few days before. What was all that for then?

Any rate I’m going to have my tea now, so will say Cheerio

Lots of love, Alfie xxx.