December 2014


Well what a rotten start to my ramblings. I’ve just been to the vet’s. No jabs in bums though, luckily – just some horrible medicine to put on my tea. But, worse than that, I am only allowed twenty minute walks – Twenty Minutes!!! Pah. Oh, phooey, that is just not funny is it? No more chasing Mr Squeaky round the living room either; what a boring existence. Mummy says it’s just for a week or so while my poorly leg gets better. But how long is that? Soon be over, she says. Humph. We shall see. But, even much worse than that is that I have put on yet more weight – I’m nearly 42 kilos now, so I do really have to go on a diet. Groan – that’s going to be longer than a week isn’t it?

A week later and I’ve been to the vets again, but saw a different person this time – so how do they know what the other one said and did? I’ve not lost much weight yet – just a few ounces – so must try harder. Humph. I can have longer walks though, because my leg is a lot better. I have to keep on with the medicine though.

Actually, since then, not much has happened, especially with having shorter walks. I’m just getting into my stride when I have to turn round and go home.  Mummy is happier with that because she doesn’t like being out in the rain or if the wind is really cold. She says it hurts her teeth. What?!

I just missed seeing the two Greyhound boys the other day. They were out for a walk and we were in the car going home. I could see them through the window. I also missed seeing Andrew. He had to dash off to the hospital after meeting mummy and Chris with some other friends, so he didn’t have time to come and say hello to me. I was busy guarding the car.

Mummy says I have to tell you that the gremlins are at work again on her computer. She says she can no longer get the internet because they’ve changed something. I haven’t a clue what it’s all about. What have nets to do with computers anyway? She is having to use Chris’s again for the time being.

One day we had a longer walk right down to the shop in the village. Mummy wanted to buy a card for aunty Diane, but when we got there the shop was closed. It was a very cold windy day too, so she was not too happy. When we got home aunty Sandy had put a little present for me in the letterbox, so we had missed her too!

A few days later I took Chris and mummy to a place we’d never been before. It was bitterly cold and the wind was blowing straight into our faces from the sea. We had marshes on one side and a few cottages and things on the other, so there was no shelter at all until we turned round to go back to the car. There were a few more people along the footpath but I only saw one dog. Mummy read a sign which said walkers and cyclists were allowed, but not horses, which she said was a bit mean.

No more news for now.


Alfie xxx.