December 2013

Hello Everyone,

Wow – guess what?!  We’ve got off to a good start this time. One afternoon I went for a walk to a place I’d never been before. It was just country lanes, but fantastic farm smells and rabbits and stuff. And I was allowed off the lead. It was great. I wouldn’t mind going there again, but my humans would need their gum-boots on because it was a bit muddy where the tractors had been squishing up the grass. And at the moment mummy’s boots have a big split in the bottom. She tried to buy some fancy ones but couldn’t find her size. Does that mean she has big feet? Oops!

Of course that trip was followed by me looking after the car for a while and not getting any treats. I had been given my lunch biscuits but I didn’t want to eat them in the car. So I ate them when we got home. I’ve actually got a bowl full of biscuits in the car with me all the time, but I never seem to want to eat them. For the rest of the afternoon I had playing and rests and by half five I’d even had my tea, which meant that I could have an early evening walk too. Yeh, that’s more like it and early to bed too – Great.

And you’ll never guess – the very next day we went to the woods. Not to Delamere Forest, but to Stanney Woods which is much nearer and much smaller. I was allowed off the lead for some of the time, but there are always more dogs about here than at Delamere, where I can run free wherever I like. Then I looked after the car again and had a bit of sausage and bacon for my trouble.

The next day we went down to the river and found that it had flooded everywhere; all over the footpaths, the roads, the playground and even the canal. There were sandbags at the ready for the shops by the canal wharf, but by half an hour later it had gone down by at least a foot. We were there at just the right time to see it. My humans had never seen it so bad. However before we reached the river mummy went into the market to buy me some new cushioning for my bed, but the shop had gone so no good there.

Would you believe it – we went to see Aunty Elizabeth on the Friday because it was her birthday. I’m not too keen on visiting people, any people, because I don’t seem to like any of them. I ignore everyone! I wonder if it’s because none of them have dogs. No, that can’t be it because friend Neil had a girl-dog, Roxy, and I ignored him too. I don’t even like going to granddad’s either.

On the Sunday I had to look after mummy whilst Chris was out. He said she was not to do any gardening whilst he was out. Well, we spent an hour doing some tidying up in the front garden, but I’ve not to let-on or mummy will get into trouble.

And then, and then the very next day I had to go shopping for my kibble and treats and things. We also took one of mummy’s boots to have the heel stuck back on. As she got out of the car at Aunty Elizabeth’s the heel became unstuck and she was hobbling about all afternoon!

I once mentioned to you that Collies are supposed to be very intelligent and understand lots of words. I know quite a few myself, such as – play, squeaky, walk, out, car, collar, Chris, mummy, bed, blanket, cushion, brush, drink (or dinks), good boy, sit, stay, wait, paw, speak and lots more, especially anything to do with food, such as brekky, lunch, tea, biscuits, sweeties, fish, chicken, sausage, bacon & kibble. Phew. Does that add up to 250?

I remember telling you about the wood mice that visited us last year, but I don’t think I mentioned the rats, did I?  That’s probably because it wasn’t last year. I think it was before I came to live here. There was a mummy rat and a baby rat and they lived under the decking on the patio. When mummy (my mummy) put food out on the lawn for the birds the rats would run down the garden to take it. And my mummy says that the baby rat looked ever so sweet bouncing along with glee and full of the joys of spring. She felt very cruel and sad when, in the end, she had to call in the rat-catcher to kill them in case there were any more of them.

Talking of rats has also reminded me of the cats who live round the corner, on the way to the Rugby Club. There are three black and white ones of varying sizes and one beautiful silver and grey one with markings that make it look like a grey tiger. Unfortunately we don’t see him any more because he has moved away. The people who moved into the house where he lived were supposed to be buying ours, but they changed their minds. Mummy is not best pleased.

Did I tell you that I’m back up to four bonios for my lunch? Well, I also get my afternoon walks before lunch now, which means that I’m even hungrier than I was before. If we go out somewhere special then I might get another walk in the afternoon as well. Wow.

One day we went to a place called Tattenhall, where there is an ice-cream factory and shop at a big farm. Nearby is the canal – the same one that comes into Chester. So we went for a walk from the ice-cream farm to a canal marina, but couldn’t actually get on to the canal towpath from there. How silly. Anyway I still enjoyed my walk because I was off the lead all the time and ran around the paths sniffing lots of new smells.  The day before, we had been to Stanney Woods again and I was allowed off the lead a lot of the time there too, so made the most of it by chasing squirrels up trees.

A few days later Chris decided he wanted fish & chips for tea . . . so he bought me a whole piece of fish all to myself (without the batter of course). Needless to say I felt a bit full afterwards, but still went looking for more because it was so good!

One day we went out in the car to do a few errands and mummy and I had a walk on the way home. Then after we got back my humans started to move the furniture about in the dining room. First thing to go was MY BED. Nobody asked if it was ok to move my bed; they just moved it into the other room. Then a small table and a cupboard thing were moved. Out came that horrible machine that makes a lot of noise, which I don’t like, and runs around the carpet. Then the cupboard was put in the corner where the table and my bed had been – so what was going to happen to me? Where was I going to sleep? Hmm – I felt a bit lost and went to stand by mummy for a cuddle. Next the little table went into the hall and everything was put back in the cupboard. But where was my bed? Then Chris came and put my bed in the corner where the cupboard had been. Oohh? Both mummy and Chris said that it would be much warmer for me away from the door – my door. My door, that I could look or go out of whenever I wanted. Now I couldn’t even see the door because the big table and chairs were in the way. They also said that my bigger bed, if I ever get one, would fit better in this new corner and I would be out of the draughts. I wasn’t sure that I liked it much.

Anyway, after all that excitement I was asking for my tea before 5 o’clock but Chris meanly said No. But 5 minutes later he gave in and said he would get me an early tea. Although I knew that by the time it was ready for me it would be ages. And where was I going to eat it now that my bed had been moved? I needn’t have worried – I soon had my tea and in the dining room as usual. I’m happy now. So may be everything will be ok after all.

I’ve had to go onto another computer because mummy’s has rolled on its back with its feet in the air. So heaven only knows if I can work this one. I’m going to send you this unfinished scribe and will continue after the holidays when mummy’s has been repaired.

Have a merry Christmas.

Lots of Love,

Alfie xxx.