December 2011

 Hello Everyone, Alfie here once more with my news and pictures.

I’ve been having a lovely time here and am so happy.  When I wake in the mornings I am so full of beans I charge about the garden and the house like a puppy. One day I forgot myself and charged upstairs and jumped on the bed! Oops.  I’m afraid since then I’ve been on the bed quite a number of times in the mornings even with my muddy feet leaving marks all over the cream carpet and bedclothes. It may not be long before I creep up there  to sleep. Hee hee!

Mummy took her camera when we went to Delamere Forest and took pictures of me enjoying myself.  It’s a lovely place, with lots and lots of trees and interesting smells. I saw two pretty horses and some Aberdeen Angus calves with their mummies. I also met a family of three lovely big quiet dogs; a mummy, a puppy and a daddy, who also was called Alfie!  I had such a great time, even though I was on the long lead. It allows me to run about without running off. My humans are still a bit concerned that I might run away and get lost or not want to come back. I think they might be upset if I did that.

However, a few days later, I was out with Chris in a field and he let me off the lead a few times for a few minutes each and I had a lovely time running around, and I did behave myself.  The next time mummy came as well and I was let off the lead again for a good run round.  But NEXT TIME we met a lady with an eight year old boxer girl called Maddy and we both ran around the field together – wow, it was great fun!  Since then I’ve been to the same place a few times and run around free, with a big grin on my face.  Mummy says she can’t wait for us to go to some place called Newborough Warren on Anglesey to have a good romp.

At least once a week my humans try to take me somewhere new.  Mummy’s niece aunty Sandy suggested a park with trees and a river only ten minutes drive away from home.  So we went there and as we were walking round she came towards us with her spaniel Annie, who never goes on a lead because she is such hard work.  After a while of walking together I was let off the lead to run around with Annie and had such fun. But then I did a naughty thing and jumped in a dirty smelly pond – oh heck.  When we got home I had to have a wash, which was ok to start with, but then I got fed up and charged madly about the garden!  Another time Chris took me for a walk near a place called the zoo and I could smell really strange wild smells. It was a bit creepy actually, especially when a lion roared and I wondered what it was.

Recently we went a long drive in the car, for about half an hour, and guess where we went – to the beach at West Kirby.  Wow, it was fabulous.  The tide was in and so it only left a little bit of sand to walk on. We walked for ages and I pulled rather a lot because it was so exciting. I nearly pulled Chris off some rocks at the end of the beach and he was not best pleased.  It was really windy and the sea was very rough so I wasn’t allowed to go in it.  I can’t wait for the warmer weather so that we can play in the sea properly.

Mummy was chuffed to bits to see my letter and pictures in the YRDR newsletter. Also, she says to thank you very much for the information about my flea and worm treatments and has ordered some for me from Medicanimal.

Every time we go out lately I seem to have got wet and have to be dried off when I get home. It’s quite nice really.  Which reminds me, I’m going to have to go now – to play in the snow!

Lots of Love from Alfie  xxx

 Alf in Delamere Forest 1