August 2016

The other day a bright green tractor with a thingy on the back came and cut the hay in the field next door.  Then the very next morning the tractor came with something even bigger on the back and turned it all over, watched from above by a few of the local buzzards looking for mice and things to eat.  And then, a couple of days later, lots of tractors with big trailers and a thing with a big tube sticking out of the top came along and sucked up all the hay and spat it out into the trailers.  By lunchtime they were all finished and gone!  Wow!


We went out in the car to the airfield for a while and I had a bit of bacon & sausage as usual. Then we went on to a new place for a walk. There was a mill there and some interesting smells which I kept going back to.  And then we had a lovely walk through some trees with the sun shining through.  Later on I had some meat for my tea.  But in the evening I had a bit of an upset tummy.  Too much sausage I think.

At the weekend we went to Dearnford lake for a walk. And guess what? – I managed to walk all the way round!  I haven’t done that for ages. Although by the evening time I was feeling rather stiff.

Later that same week we went for another lovely new walk in the shade of some trees, beneath a sandstone cliff. It was amazing and there were lots of new smells for me. We met a couple of little spaniels but I took no notice of them!  Then, over lunch, there was a cat sort of sleeping nearby but slightly hidden in among the plants.  He kept his eye on me, but I left him alone. Wasn’t I a good boy?

The very next day was dull and wet and horrible. I got left at home to guard the house, while the humans went shopping.  I usually go with them, but I’d have been sitting in the car for ages getting stiff.  Mummy bought me some new treats for being a good boy.  They were duck flavour – I’ve never had duck before. They were yummy.

Have I told you that we get geese flying over here every night and every morning? Loads of them honking away. Don’t know where they’ve been or where they’re going. Mummy says she thinks they are practising for moving somewhere else. Uh. Why would they want to do that?

Lots of woofs, Alfie xxx.